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  3. Which do you prefer: Shenmue 1 or 2?

User Info: Pharsti01

1 month ago#11
satm posted...
Pharsti01 posted...
The first game, easily.

Its a combination of better pacing, characters and the awesome setting/locale.
It actually felt like a proper little village.

I absolutely hate the setting of Shenmue 2... Hong Kong looks horrible and Kowloon is f***ing atrocious, some of the worst map design ive ever had to witness.
The characters, while generally ok, are a step behind the first game as well.

The first game does NOT have better pacing. You are absolutely wrong and this is not a matter of opinion. I am a diehard Shenmue fan and can tell you that the first game has one of the worst pacing in video game history. It is really really slow even for 1999's standards.

Shenmue 2 has the time skip feature which makes the pacing miles better. Players can progress through the story quickly without waiting set times for a certain shop to open in order to get information

Yeah... no.

Im sorry you dont understand the difference between opinion and fact, but i dont feel like explaining it to you... and after reading that, i kinda think understanding it is beyond your capabilities anyway.

I can explain to you why i had no problem with the pacing though.
For one i never felt like "killing time" was boring. There was so much to do, people to speak with, figures to collect, arcade games to play, etc.
And i never felt like i had an excessive amount of moments in which i had to wait to progress (or was even in a rush to progress).

User Info: T_E_M_P

1 month ago#12
Shenmue 2, by a tiny margin.

I liked the music & weather better in 1.
2 has cooler characters (ex. Xiuying & Ren), more action & more stuff to do.

Shenmue 2 was more exotic for me.
I see Japanese life all the time in anime & gaming, so I felt right at home in Yokosuka.
Hong Kong felt very alien to me, as I have zero exposure to the Chinese way of life.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

4 weeks ago#13
the only thing I didnt like about the second one was no unlocked 70 man kumite mode. I enjoyed replaying that over and over in the first game outside the story.
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User Info: MV6000

4 weeks ago#14
I voted for Shenmue 1 since I have more of a nostalgic love for it.

I love both Shenmue games and eagerly awaiting my copy of Shenmue III.

I’m so happy we have a HD remaster of both games.
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User Info: MrRoam

4 weeks ago#15
story wise 2, gameplay wise 1. There were moments that were pissing me off in the second. I will press
A+B and it wouldnt go so I had to do the ending boss fight like 3-4 times. God damn I almost broke the game.
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User Info: Duey

4 weeks ago#16
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