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  3. horizon zero dawn is basically monster hunter

User Info: skermac

4 weeks ago#31
Hzd had a story and people wanted to see how it played out
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User Info: Zakat82

4 weeks ago#33
SophaerLam posted...
I don't have patience the topic

Spot on!
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User Info: cymanx

3 weeks ago#34
I hate the limitations to exploration. Like the proving where it gets so strict about where it wants you to go or the climbing. The story is also bad in the beginning. Really hard to take it seriously
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User Info: TiamatNM

3 weeks ago#35
BehemothBlade posted...
You cant hunt the monster Aloy.

User Info: loafy013

3 weeks ago#36
AzaneAzer posted...
fusespliff posted...
After nearly 200 hours in MHW, I can still practically count the cheap deaths on both hands as I kept my distance and observed before going Conan on the monsters. This is a bit of hyperbole of course.

Perhaps, I've just had more cheap deaths than you,

All I know, is that when I spent 20 minutes fighting a Diablos and someone joined my game and suicided 3 times when I had him limping, and it failed me, I uninstalled.

Sounds like a troll player then. You don't get rewards after 20 minutes if you join in. So either you were low rank and he thought he would help you, or purposely dying to give you grief.
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User Info: Nabinator

3 weeks ago#37
I still can't get over MW's clunky ass controls. I was never expecting a hack n slash, but damn, I can't name a game that has slower action combat than MW

User Info: penaferus

3 weeks ago#38
It's nothing like Monster Hunter. Like at all.
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