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User Info: Balzak74

4 weeks ago#31
Yes, I have four EB within ten minutes of my house, and have become friends with many of the staff. Alberta is going through a economic slump right now, and it is hard to find work.

I have heard though that EB games, in Canada is doing better then Gamestop on the states
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User Info: ThrillKillFan

4 weeks ago#32
BurgerTime79 posted...
Most people around here are going to claim they wish the store would die. Their reasons are typically based on bulls*** others made up to trash on the company, or exaggerations. A simple "Would you like to sign up for..." becomes "They harassed me! I'm never going in there again!!".


It's one thing for them to ask ONCE if somebody wants to buy or pre-order something but at times some of the local Gamestop stores go off on a sell sell sell shtick that is just downright annoying. I understand they're given work hours based on pre-order, Power Up and protection plan numbers. But if somebody says NO to you asking if they wanna pre-order something, then leave it at that.

I've had employees start rattling off random game names for systems I didn't even own before while doing that. If I just came in to trade something or buy something I'd like to be in and out in as little time as possible.
Kiryun posted...
I stopped using GameStop several years ago, really wouldn’t bother me. Amazon is much better imo.


Try saying that if Amazon crushes all remaining retail options. As it is they only seem to price match OTHER retailers prices and never really do their own good sales from what I've seen.

Plus if you know anything about how Gamestop treats their employees (see above) then Amazon is like 5 times worse than that. Their warehouse employees get treated to a virtual pat down after they're OFF the clock and on the way out the door. Not only that but they get to hustle for NO extra pay by having quotas to keep up whereas you'd get piece rate at a normal place for maintaining or beating those numbers. On top of that most of their warehouse reps are temporary employees so they don't have to pay benefits.

But by all means keep supporting Amazon.
Ryphis_Demeanor posted...
In someways at least until the mom&pop stores made a full comeback. A lot have closed down since gamestop and eb merged.

They were foolish to constantly charge $20 for used games that were barely worth $10. Also they should have always price matched PSN Store Sales (Xbox live, eshop etc) to further promote physical sales but you would go there and see a game selling for $25-30 and it would be $7-15 on the PSN store. Really lost alot of money from me this gen because of that stupidity.

They were always a terrible company and pretty poor place to look for games, they singlehandedly created the exclusive day one dlc bonuses which I hated, and they treated their employees terrible so good riddance.


If it was a choice between Gamestop or my local stores for buying from I'd actually choose Gamestop. Why? Because the guy who owns a local chain of three stores has begun to out Gamestop Gamestop. He told his employees to begin giving only $1 for any PS3 game, regardless of rarity or condition. That's on top of other bulls*** he's pulled like hoarding every clearance title from 200 Kmart stores in the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/PA) a number of years back to resell in his stores so that nobody could find anything to buy to actually play.

So yeah, if it's a choice between Satan (Gamestop) or the Super Devil (local guy) I'll take Beelzebub over the super devil any day of the week.

And trust me, the things Gamestop's employees are forced to do for work are nowhere near as bad as the horse s*** Amazon pulls on their employees as detailed above.
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User Info: Thief

4 weeks ago#33
There aren’t any around here.

User Info: Lifeburn

4 weeks ago#34
Yes, only because it's the only place I can browse around and possibly find old games that I missed or didn't even know about.
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User Info: TiamatNM

4 weeks ago#35
It would suck for the employees but as a consumer it wouldn't bother me.

User Info: Yaoiloverfei

4 weeks ago#36
It would be a huge loss for me, since it was really the local game store, where I can buy my games and I like the employees at my gamestop.
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User Info: SoulTrain75

4 weeks ago#37
Yes, where would neckbeards go then?
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User Info: darkness1018

4 weeks ago#38
For me, yes. I pre order all my games at Gamestop & buy all my consoles from them. I also like looking through the used games & seeing if theres anything I passed on at full price that I might to give a chance to since theyre cheap now. I also like having 7 days to return a used game in case I just don't like it. Ive been shopping at Gamestop for so many years & have never had any issues with them.
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User Info: Every1hasAids

4 weeks ago#39
No. I have Walmart, Target or Bestbuy.
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 weeks ago#40
arstos posted...
Not really. I'd feel bad for all the people losing their jobs, but it's hard to feel bad seeing any anti competitive mega corp fail. They strangled most of the mom and pop shops and ate up all their competition leaving them pretty much the only dedicated game stores. Maybe with them gone there'll be room for others again. Probably not, because Amazon and digital distribution, but you never know.

you really shouldn't, they are terrible jobs, and relatively easy to replace with another very similar job in a matter of hours. For all the problems of entry level work, the silver lining is its always easy to leave and find something else.
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