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  3. Would you buy a $750 PS5 if it had these features?

User Info: Tmo_1992

4 weeks ago#131
There are very few things I’d pay $750 for. Video games is not one of them
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User Info: WickedSeraph

4 weeks ago#132
No 4k gaming? Hard pass
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User Info: tzuyd

4 weeks ago#133
levelshooter posted...
tzuyd posted...
Voted No, but everything you listed would warrant a price about half of your suggestion, at which point the vote would turn to Yes.

levelshooter posted...
Why would Sony even bother doing backwards compatibility for ps4 games

Not doing so would zero their 2:1 VR market lead over night.

Not when people have proven they'll repurchase the same game with just a lick of new paint for 2 thirds retail price.......

That only makes any amount of sense (not much) if you think all remakes sell more than 3 million copies.
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User Info: leeman3104

4 weeks ago#134
jorgeammo posted...
750 is about 250 more than most people would be willing to pay for a console.

kinda here. i'd probably pay 500 for that, tbh. 750, no. i'd get one used, later.

BC, decent capacity, and mod support would be pretty sweet, but dunno about 750 sweet.
and i usually weigh console cost to games i'm gonna get for it, like won't get a switch atm because there's not enough games i want for it just yet, need a price decrease and probably more games on it, first, and i won't get an xbox one because there's not enough games i want for it specifically period.
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User Info: The_Hedon

4 weeks ago#135
Gangstub posted...
Sounds to good to be true.

And way too pro consumer for Sony.

LOL whoops
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User Info: lionhartwolf

4 weeks ago#136
Maybe... if they also left a PS3/Switch sized security flaw in their hardware/software design.

Im all for console modding, but its not fun when they give you a watered down version of it.

User Info: jeneki

4 weeks ago#137
Depends on how you define full backwards compatibility. For that price it better be region free, including PS1/2 games. Also the emulation needs to be lag free, and by that I mean "I can get a AAA score in a IIDX game with 0 offset" lag free. With those two stipulations, yes, I'd pay that price.
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