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  3. I actually paid more for Red Dead Redemption 2 than the price listed.

User Info: SoulTrain75

1 month ago#21
Why dont I believe you tc?
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User Info: Mediocre_Dunce

1 month ago#22
lol what a story!
That some nice sweet juicy gigatosis!
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User Info: doodles40

1 month ago#23
skermac posted...
doodles40 posted...
Paying extra when not required proves some brain cells are missing

You are the last person in the world that should comment on missing brain cells.

Anyway, TC's been banned but I'm sure like most trolls here he'll just make another account.

takes one to know one, and I have you know I am actually highly educated

LOL! You can't even write a coherent sentence but yeah, you're "highly educated". What a joke.
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User Info: TheDarkskinLord

1 month ago#24
I’ll take “that never happened” for 400, please.
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User Info: DouglasQuade

1 month ago#25
Roins posted...
Honestly, I like Red Dead 2 so much that when I bought it I gave the clerk 90 dollars instead of 60. The game seemed like it worth more and the company deserved more money for the game than 60. The clerk looked at me weird but I said that the game was worth it, so keep the change. She actually kissed me on the cheek and I walked out smiling.

Glad to see that I was right. I love RDR 2 and Rockstar should charge 90 dollars at least for it. They spent so much time and so much hard work went into the game. It's only fair.

Lmao! Not to mention in the -100% chance that did happen, she'd have been fired for doing that in the retail realm.

Did you need some attention today???
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User Info: DouglasQuade

1 month ago#26
Terantatek posted...
skermac posted...
EvilGiygas posted...
I knew I had you tagged as "troll" for a reason.

worse troll than people like skermac

lol nice sig

No troll is good. All suck, gfaqs isnt for joking around it's for frequently asked questions. It's not facebook, but hey it's a haven for lonely people it seems who need to incessantly make troll topics for the lack of attention they get. You can humiliate the trolls and make them face the facts but they'll never change. Because what better can they really do? Not much, that's why its "I better head to gfaqs!"

Humiliate? I don't think that's the right word. If someone would actually feel humiliated by what others say on an anonymous message board, then I'd suggest they seek mental help.

I do agree with the lonely people though. In all those polls, a vast majority seem to have social anxiety and depression. Maybe that's due to rejection in the real world? One thing is for certain: Some on here are pretty strange. (Probably going to get moderated for this, but will say it anyway) I imagine a lot were the people wearing all black, wearing video game tshirts, etc and sat by themselves at lunch in high school.
Last Resort in Venusville is my spot!
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  3. I actually paid more for Red Dead Redemption 2 than the price listed.
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