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  3. Are you proud of paying for PlayStation Plus?

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 month ago#141
Duh. I've seen a subscriber since the service was introduced in 2010.

User Info: jgrulz

1 month ago#142
Proud? What a strange choice of wording.

User Info: artowen74

1 month ago#143
ThrillKillFan posted...
artowen74 posted...
IloveElite posted...
I'm proud that I'm not daft enough to pay for such a piss poor service.

Lol... You whiners are just silly... in a bad way.


Whiners? PSN has NOT improved since last gen when access to all of it was FREE with PS+ being optional if you wanted to pay for it. Moreover the "free" games are just rentals since you're locked out of them once you stop subscribing. Not only that but most email accounts offer cloud space FOR FREE with them.

So what's left? The usually mediocre discounts on OVER priced digital versions of games? Those discounts just take the games down closer to where they should already be since the publishers aren't paying for packaging or transportation costs. That's why I loathe the possibility of an all digital future, since pricing will remain artificially high forever if no competing platforms to buy from are opened up.

On top of ALL that most games are peer to peer (think Napster), where you're connecting directly to other gamers and maybe the publisher/developer is hosting a server or three for stats like levels or unlocks. So why are we forced to pay Sony to connect directly to other players like they do on PC FOR FREE?


I agree with most of what you say; but people whining about it isn't going to change anything.
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User Info: ThrillKillFan

1 month ago#144
artowen74 posted...
I agree with most of what you say; but people whining about it isn't going to change anything.


Yet look at what people complaining did in regards to Microsoft's online DRM at the start of the gen. Mind you in the case of PS+ a protest would only work if enough people refused to pay to play.
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User Info: leeman3104

1 month ago#145
DrRockso87 posted...
"Are you proud of paying for the electric bill every month?"

This thread is stupid.

this. i can only assume OP meant "those that did should be ashamed of themselves" cause then at least it makes the barest f***ing sense, but even if you like having ps now for whatever reason, you're not 'proud' of it. you're probably not proud of any video game purchase, or even having a ps4, unless you're a f***ing idiot.

and even if you like it or not, get it or don't. doesn't f***ing matter someone else did get it, or didn't.
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