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  3. Is the Dragon Quest series a popular series at all?

User Info: cheatermaster

1 month ago#1
I remember during the NES, my older brother and cousin played the very first game (never did beat it). Back then the series was called Dragon Warrior (heard it has something to do with copyright or something). Years later, I played Dragon Quest 7 for the psone (again, the series was called Dragon Warrior, so it was Dragon Warrior 7 back then) and I definitely loved the game. Then with the ps2, the series ended up being called Dragon Quest again (don't really know why tbh), and DQ8 was one of my favourite game of all time to the point I've played the game so many times I've lost count.

Well since I played a number of DQ games. But I've come to question; is the series a popular jrpg game series at all? Because one thing I keep hearing is the Japan, it is said to be one of the most, if not possibly the most popular series in Japan. But outside of Japan like North America, for some reason it's not huge in popularity. If anything it's more niche I suppose. I mean I guess it's popular, but not as big deal in other countries like North America. I'm even beginning to wonder if the series is even that popular at all. I mean I'm glad they have been releasing some games here to North America, but the games seem niche popular compare to being hugely popular in Japan.

User Info: boomstickbhg

1 month ago#2
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User Info: cheatermaster

1 month ago#3
It is that popular? Cause I thought I sometimes hear in North America and possibly other countries, it's not that popular. More niche, but still. Did I heard wrong or something?

User Info: WhiteZeus

1 month ago#4
It's hella niche

User Info: InhumaneRaider

1 month ago#5
Most JRPG's are niche as hell in the west.
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User Info: Triod

1 month ago#6
It's virtually unknown outside of japan.

User Info: cheatermaster

1 month ago#7
Now I question the series popularity even more for some weird reason. It's niche in the west, but in Japan it's one of the most popular.

User Info: TrashPandaJedi

1 month ago#8
JRPG were always more popular in Japan. I guess FF was an exception
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User Info: Kiryun

1 month ago#9

4 million sales worldwide including the Japanese 3DS exclusive release. Half of which were just in japan.
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User Info: Nova_Castings

1 month ago#10
DQIII did for JRPGs in Japan what FFVII did for JRPGs in the west; it made the genre popular. DQ is synonymous with JRPGs over there, routinely selling 3 million or more in Japan (where it struggles to reach 1 million combined in the west).
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