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  3. What do you think when people say "if you don't like the game, leave"

User Info: maipham1989

2 months ago#1
By saying "leave" I mean quit commenting or saying anything about it.

So we aren't allowed to state opnions, make a comment, or review a game? Then every game will get good rating because people who don't like it won't review it.

User Info: AltusJ

2 months ago#2
Yes, you must listen to them and leave...
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User Info: metaIslug

2 months ago#3
What you're describing is the cult of Positive Attitude. Our members are cheerful and hopeful in regards to just about anything. If you have something negative to say, first of all) how dare you, second) you're toxic, and three) leave or I'm calling the mods

User Info: DaDrkKnight

2 months ago#4
Nothing because it usually doesn't involve me. I never get into arguements on Gamefaqs.
But if I genuienly don't like a game, I have no problem saying it.
I think TLoU sucks, for example.
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User Info: PS4TW

2 months ago#5
They sound immature and simple minded. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing something. Criticism can often lead to improvements in sequels and I think everyone has a right to an opinion. As long as they aren’t outright trolling and using buzzwords like interactive movie etc....
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User Info: kaimine08

2 months ago#6
I leave. I already said my piece. Why am I sticking around? To troll? I already accomplished that by pissing said person off. If anything, I leave knowing I made someone mad. The only way you can do better than that is winning an argument against the wife.

User Info: Rayder

2 months ago#7
In a lot of cases, I kind of agree with that sentiment. It sucks when people are having a discussion about a game they like and someone comes in and craps on it and sours the thread.
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User Info: ablerider

2 months ago#8
Just leave already!

User Info: RollingCradle

2 months ago#9
It's good to finally hear an honest opinion on a game.

User Info: CrimsonGear80

2 months ago#10
I think they have the best idea for when you are talking about a game you hate. why would you do that to yourself? Go away and talk about a game you like.

now if you are a troll purposely talking about a game you hate because you have no life and hate is all you know, then therapy may be the better suggestion.
Just tell it to call you "Billy"...
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  3. What do you think when people say "if you don't like the game, leave"
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