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  3. What will be the best game of 2019?

User Info: ExperiencePoint

5 months ago#41
If Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us Part 2 comes out next year then one of those.

User Info: assassin243

5 months ago#42
Imo I'd say kingdom hearts 3... unless The Last of us 2 does indeed release next year

User Info: BlueRain88

5 months ago#43
TLoU2 hands down, if it releases.
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User Info: Dark_Emil

5 months ago#44
Dreams will be the high point in MC. 92-93

As for best game, it will be for Capcom, DMC V or Resident Evil 2 remake, specially this one

IF Death Stranding releases next year, Kojima will take the crown.

User Info: OnurOnly

5 months ago#45
Death Stranding or Last of Us2 if they release in 2019. If not its RE2 for sure.

User Info: BaldursGate

5 months ago#46
Ralizah posted...
BaldursGate posted...
KH games weren't even top 5 of the years they were released. Cyberpunk 2077 is my answer.

There's no way Cyberpunk is releasing next year.

It might, it might not.
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User Info: Spacefrisian

5 months ago#47
Super Smash TV for the Megadrive.
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User Info: Mehran456

5 months ago#48
Syn_Vengeance posted...
At this point I’m just hoping that RE2 remake and DMCV live up to the hype, they are what I’m looking forward to most right now.

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User Info: 2018_GT

5 months ago#49
I've only played one game releasing next year so I'll go with that. Anthem

User Info: Haeravon

5 months ago#50
The Outer Worlds
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