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User Info: jjgator

3 months ago#21
RusselRaZe posted...
Ok I'm worried about the auto renew going back on now. Is there anything I can do to ensure that doesn't happen... like removing my card info from my PSN account or something

Yeah, remove it.
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User Info: Smiffwilm

3 months ago#22
sickie09ismine posted...
Sony customer service here... no refund for you!


User Info: Fenrimis

3 months ago#23
I didn't read any of the comments in this topic, but YES you can I've done it about a week after it auto-renewed.

If you call customer support you're going to get the traditional CS Call Center foreigner that gives you absolutely no help and will tell you they cant do anything. Ask for a supervisor until they send you over (they were hesitating with me and I just kept asking over and over). The supervisor will be someone that understands you and instantly fixes the problem.
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User Info: Minamo

3 months ago#24
Don't buy digital unless there is no other way to get a game and make sure you always remove all CC info ASAP if you do.

User Info: Baofu

3 months ago#25
ChaosReich posted...
jjgator posted...
ChaosReich posted...
Rayder posted...
Sony most likely won't refund you and tell you that you are S.O.L. for the money. They will tell you to turn off auto-renewal and let it expire.

I know it's a greedy business tactic to have it how it is, but auto-renew really ought to be opt-in, not opt-out. Especially if they are honest about the whole "for the children" BS they keep spouting.

You manually choose auto-renew though, its not automatic so it seems fair to me

I'm pretty sure it goes to auto-renew by default. It is automatic.

I remember differently but i signed up so long ago that i definitely could be wrong

Whenever you renew it does default to being on. I always just turn it off immediately after I renew, so I don't forget. In however many years I've had it, I've never had it turn back on for no reason.
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