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  3. Help, I keep getting "Server connection timed out"

User Info: RoseM20

2 years ago#1
Yesterday everything was working fine, I could login to my PlayStation apps no problem. This morning however every time I try to log back in to my ps messages app or the psn app I'm met with "The connection to the server timed out" and it won't stop. So far I've tried to close and open the app, clear the data and cache and uninstall and reinstall to no success. Even the psn forums (Which I can't get help from because it timed out there) is now doing this. The odd thing is my PS4 is working just fine, but my apps aren't.

A few people I've heard have this problem. Hard to tell if it's a regional thing or not since a few others and I are in the same region, but there aren't enough to confirm who's end it is on.

User Info: Spayspay

2 years ago#2
OMG Rose! Is it just us? I just did a Google search for "playstation connection to the server timed out" and the only result I got was this one from you. What the hell.

Well, if you want to read my Playstation support forum post, go here......


User Info: arredondo

2 years ago#3
I've been having the exact same problem for a week (both the PS app and messenger on iPhone 5). It doesn't work either through WIFI or LTE connections. I'm in SoCali if it makes a difference.

User Info: Spayspay

2 years ago#4
Are you running IOS 10? The guy from Playstation told me they no longer support IOS 10. You have to upgrade to 11 or whatever they have now. My phone doesn't have the ability to do that, so I have to look at getting a new phone.

User Info: 5h1n

2 years ago#5
I got the same problem few days ago.
For me, I just switch to other internet and it worked.
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User Info: Spayspay

2 years ago#6
You switched to the internet? No the issue is that PS messenger doesn't support IOS 10 now.

User Info: honibunni

2 years ago#7
I started having issues with my PS Messages app on iOS 10.3.3 around the same time you posted this... I started a chat with @AskPlayStation on Twitter and things are working for me as of a few minutes ago -- and I didn't need to upgrade to iOS 11. So definitely try again and hopefully you'll also be up and running.

Thank you for posting this so that I knew I wasn't going crazy! :)

User Info: Sir_Magneto

2 years ago#8
I'm getting the same thing on the app and mobile website. It was fine until I logged out to check my other account. Now it won't ever let me login, but it can tell if my info is wrong. When I type it in correctly I get the server timeout error. Really annoying.

User Info: nekro4

2 years ago#9
I have the same issue on iOS 10.3.3. Is there anything I can do?

User Info: boomstickbhg

2 years ago#10
nekro4 posted...
I have the same issue on iOS 10.3.3. Is there anything I can do?

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