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  3. just bought a ps4 pro, whats the best lookin game to have?

User Info: IamAlegend

3 months ago#1
it came with red dead 2, how does gta 5 look?
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User Info: binaryvegeta

3 months ago#2
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
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3 months ago#3
gta5 looks great on it, i believe the pros boost mode and super sample mode make it a bit better. boost mode performance wise. to a better 30fps.

you cant go wrong with the big first party games.. horizon zero dawn (open world and robotic dinos), spider man, god of war.. all amazing. 10/10s imo.

spyro trilogy just came out and crash bandicoot trilogy has been out. great visuals and gameplay.

the uncharted games are great. and the last of us remastered. great games.

and then if youre into it... FFVII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, FFXV are all on the ps4. great games. & the Kingdom Hearts series is 60fps and looking great too.
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User Info: potatochobit

3 months ago#4
uncharted 5 anf FF15 are probably the best looking
you will probably like witcher 3 though and give ratchet and clank a try
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User Info: tzuyd

3 months ago#5
Wipeout VR.
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User Info: Jx1010

3 months ago#6
Spiderman is amazing.
Looks great, plays smoothly and its fun.

User Info: digressive

3 months ago#7
Horizon looks amazing. I was particularly wowed by the rain storm effects.

User Info: lorac94

3 months ago#8
Gran turismo

User Info: Agony79

3 months ago#9
Destiny 2 looks absolutely gorgeous in 4K with HDR.
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User Info: MrXGamer

3 months ago#10
IamAlegend posted...
it came with red dead 2, how does gta 5 look?

The best looking game is the one that came with it, Red Dead 2. But you do need to get to Chapter 2 and explore its open world to see the beauty.

GTA5 looks last gen. Spider-Man is the second best looking game. Then followed by God of War and Uncharted 4 (or TLL). Horizon is a little overrated in graphics department. It's gorgeous upfront, but the world is very static and boring if you're observant.
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  3. just bought a ps4 pro, whats the best lookin game to have?
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