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  3. Is Sonic Forces really that bad?

User Info: knightimex

4 months ago#11
It's one of those "It's bad, but actually kinda good" sort of game.
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User Info: Wicked_T_Wraith

4 months ago#12
I played Forces on the Switch....it's only an average game at best.
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User Info: EternalWaltz

4 months ago#13
It's cancer
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User Info: Tom Clark

Tom Clark
4 months ago#14
It's not awful. But it's also not really good. Or memorable. It's... It's just there, tbh.

You won't have a bad time with it, but there is nothing at all that makes it worth getting either.

User Info: blablablax17

4 months ago#15
I thought people liked it?

User Info: Assembler114

4 months ago#16
Generations is by far the better game.
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User Info: ItalianIdiot

4 months ago#17
It's the most 5/10 of them all.

It's bland, forgettable, but not bad enough to enjoy in a "it's so bad it's comical" way like Sonic '06, so it's even hard to make fun of it. A game with very little value overall.
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