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  3. Am i a bad parent? Fortnite related

User Info: cincyguitarhero

3 months ago#21
As a parent myself, you gotta establish boundaries/expectations. If they are too preoccupied with something to the point they are starting to fall in other aspects of life, it is your responsibility to correct it. If he is so concerned about the game that his grades are dropping, you made the right decision.

Make it known to him that you have expectations, and so long as they are met, he can have certain privileges. Fail to meet expectations, privileges are taken away. You are the one in control. Never let that turn the other way.
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User Info: huyi

3 months ago#22
yes you are a bad parent for letting your kids play Fortnite, delete it permanently and let them play outside instead.
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User Info: TwoBit_Samurai

3 months ago#23
I think it's fine to delete it. My parents didn't regulate my gaming time and I struggled through school. Nearly failed ninth grade during Final Fantasy 7's release.
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User Info: Artemis86

3 months ago#24
Goji posted...
Asking for parental advice on gamefaqs alone makes you a bad parent.

Asking, not really. Taking the advice? Prolly.
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