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  3. Do I really have a terrible tatse in games?

User Info: LizardKing67

6 months ago#21
Okay taste I guess.

User Info: Anakerie

6 months ago#22
If YOU have terrible tatse, Summer's Eve can help!
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User Info: Sword_of_Dusk

6 months ago#23
Why are you seeking anyone else's opinion? f*** them, play what you want.
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User Info: Blitz_kid_

6 months ago#24
OutFromUndr posted...
Why do you care what people here think?

I just made this for fun
Playing Video Games is fun :D

User Info: BlueSnow

6 months ago#25

7 games i'd consider good and the rest is stuff i think is trash, don't like or that's not my cup of tea.

Big minus for games i can't stand, like:

CoD, FIFA, NBA, HZD, Uncharted, TLOU, NMS, Naruto, KH, RE7, David Cage games, LiS and all platformers.

No offense yo. You like what you like. I just gave you my opinion on your taste in games.
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User Info: AltOmega

6 months ago#26
You're all right by my book but why the thread?
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

6 months ago#27
Blitz_kid_ posted...
A list of all my PS4 Games
Not going to pretend I read that list. All I'll say is "bad taste" depends on who you ask. The only that matters is that you play the games you enjoy. If little Jimmy down the street decides you only play s*** games, how does that matter to you at all in any way? And if little Jimmy lives halfway across the world and whines on forums, it matters even less. At least he can be put on the ignore list.
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User Info: SoulTrain75

6 months ago#28
Be honest tc, you just wanted to let everyone know you have alot of games right? :)
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User Info: juicebox4

6 months ago#29
nah you play some garbage but have more hits than misses

*Ding dong, bing bong*

User Info: brolynick

6 months ago#30
It looks like the list of someone who enjoys the hobby of gaming because of the variety of different genres
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