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  3. Trophy Hunters, if you get the plat, do you make sure it's 100%?

User Info: pomerleaub

6 months ago#11
DaDrkKnight posted...
For the main game I plat, for DLC I just complete

Exactly unless the dlc is good (looking at you dying lights “the following” dlc)

User Info: singhellotaku

6 months ago#12
depends really, if i'm enjoying a game enough to go for the plat, i'm probably going to play dlc anyways, on the other hand, if that dlc is an arena/time attack/challenge map/100 floor rng tower...

f*** that.
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User Info: Setsunahenry

6 months ago#13
I'll plat the main game. For add-on will have to depends. Some add-on I didn't really care to get it because it's hard or waste my time to get it.
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User Info: Arkane Denial

Arkane Denial
6 months ago#14
I miss the 2008/2009 days where getting the Plat means 100%.
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User Info: TheZermoehrer

6 months ago#15
No DLC so not always 100%
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User Info: busterSouls

6 months ago#16
My rocket league plat is 44% lol.
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User Info: Goji

6 months ago#17
Nah, whether I try for 100% depends on the game and what else I have to play. Certain games I like so much I decide I'm going to eventually 100% them on the spot, and sometimes I decide to get DLC and replay/100% a game because I'm bored.

User Info: Vamar

6 months ago#18
Nope. For example, I got the plat in FFXV, but no way am I going to bother trying to get all the DLC trophies.

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

6 months ago#19
Nope. I’m not purchasing DLC just for trophies. And some games have really tedious online trophies that started out as paid DLC but eventually the content was made free for everyone (Uncharted and TLOU I’m looking at you) and I’m not bothering to spend dozens of hours getting those either even though I technically have access to the content now.
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User Info: Sheepinator

6 months ago#20
If I have the dlc, I'll probably try to get them all, within reason (I'm not going to replay a campaign X times, or maybe the online is mostly dead by then). Many of the games I don't own the dlc for, so I'd never be able to 100% them all anyway. I only buy the dlc if I want to play it, and that decision is never related to trophies.
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