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User Info: ChunkersMcflush

8 months ago#111
BuyersRemorse55 posted...
kingdrake2 posted...
i'm not getting it for one damn reason... the platinum is tied to a one life run and you cant shut the console off or save.
if die. totally f***ed. have to start over again.

but out of all the games there's hundreds of games to work with.

lol trophies

User Info: Pink_a_Dink

8 months ago#112
I f***ing hate these "don't buy..." topics.
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User Info: Spaced92

8 months ago#113
I don't even remember the dog scene. As an animal lover, get over it. I like people too, they die.
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User Info: knightimex

8 months ago#114
kingdrake2 posted...
it's all we have. once we take away trophies we become nothing.

Or 90's gamers.
You know, OGs who never cared about silly things like trophies.
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User Info: Beers

8 months ago#115
LordSeymour77 posted...
axelfooley2k5 posted...
MeowMix101 posted...
axelfooley2k5 posted...
Fun game

Worse than the first

The advertising was cool because it pissed off fascists

sadly the only fascists are the ones trying to use Mussolini style tactics to silence people and cyber bully on social media aka good portion of the left wing people

I’m gonna throw out a hard NO on that

A fascist is a fascist is a fascist

If you get mad when people say fascism is bad. You might be a fascist.

Also, these Nazi and fascist insults being tossed around. It's like people have forgotten about legitimate bad people on the left: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stinking_Old_Ninth

What does that have to do with anything?
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User Info: Thermador446

8 months ago#116
BeefEaster posted...
third best fps this gen after doom and titanfall 2

It's barely even the third best PS4 wolfenstein game. Out of 3
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User Info: Mountainface

8 months ago#117
Yield2DNuggetry posted...
It is absolutely terrible. Heres a list of what makes this a regrettable choice for me

*No damage indicators. For f***s sake, i cant tell you how many times ive died because i didnt know i was being hit from behind. There shouldnt be a single first person shooter made these days without it.

*No level select or new game plus. I haven't beaten this yet, but I've read online (of course, only after buying it) that there is no choice in what area you want to play again. I have absolute no desire to replay this game after i beat it

*Weapon upgrade system sucks. I absolutely do not want to scrounge all over the place to find the kits. Its so absolutely tedious.

*Difficulty is stupid as f***. I got to the near end of the roswell mission on normal before i said "f*** it im not having fun anymore, im playing on easy". I NEVER play on easy in my games, but this was just too much. f*** ONLY HAVING ONLY 50 HEALTH

* Level design is pure s***. There are times where you are forced to shoot your way down a corridor to get to the commander calling in backup, with no real way to work around. I dont remember ever having this much frustration in The new order or old blood.

* The scene with the dog. There was really nothing of purpose in that other than to shock i guess. I love dogs much so, so seeing one thrown at a wall and later executed was just too low of a place to sink to

The actual gunplay is fun, but its hard to enjoy in the midst of all the aforementioned faults. Im just going to beat the story and trade it in. I have no desire to play the dlc if the base game bas the issues it has.

I wish i hadnt bought this new on my bday. I don't mind taking a 12$ hit by trading it back to GS. I should've bought either skyrim or evil within 2 instead. I dont want to get another Wolfenstein if its by Machine Games again. They butchered the expectations i had after loving the new order.

This game had issues but all of YOUR mentioned issues come down to git git gud.

I beat this game on hard - so grow up.

I didnt love this game either but only because it lost that flair that made the first one seem so deep and interesting. Its artistic storytelling is gone. It just doesnt feel the same.
Casual gamer aaf.

User Info: kgrc

8 months ago#118
Looks alright but overall I’d say average game like a lot of this gens games.
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