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  3. What are some games that are too easy on the default/normal difficulty?

User Info: bmouse6

7 months ago#11
Witcher 3 - IMHO, the definitive way to play this is on Death March, which is the hardest setting. The beginning of the game is always tough, but as soon as you acquire some decent gear, any difficulty setting less than Death March becomes way too easy.

Deus Ex - if you play as a ghost/stealth hacker without engaging the enemy head on, the difficulty you play on doesn't matter, so even the hardest setting will play the same as the easiest.
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User Info: SlajifrasH045

7 months ago#12
Too hard on normal: Ninja gaiden sigma. Hardest normal mode I've ever played
Too easy on normal: Ninja gaiden sigma 2. Basically impossible to die
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User Info: Korppi123

7 months ago#13
Shotgunnova posted...
Kingdoms of Amalur

djmetal777 posted...
Bonus question: what are some that are TOO HARD on normal/default difficulty?

Nah, xcom 2 on commander is perfect! On legend ironman its rough, specially when the game crashes and deletes your save πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

User Info: PsychoWolfX

7 months ago#14
Alien Isolation
Titanfall 2
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

7 months ago#15
DmC was too easy on Normal. I assume. I played it Hard and then the one above that and it was too easy. Normal is usually enough for me in DMC games.

User Info: Lord_Sniper_IV

7 months ago#16
digitalwill2000 posted...
God of War.

Im about halfway through this game and the co bat difficulty is ATROCIOUSLY implemented. Encounters will always be too easy or too hard. If an enemy is stronger than you then it is completely resistant to you meaning theres no strategy for you to implement, and if they are a lower level to you then they die so quickly that theres no point to not mashing L1.

For example, you can freeze an enemy in place using a heavy throw. These makes you lose your weapon but will temporarily put an enemy out of commission. This is SUPPOSE to be a strategic tradeoff...that isnt implemented with any hint of intelligence!
Because you NEVER take advantage of this gameplay element because the enemy will either be completely resistant to freezing, or die so quickly that freezing them is pointless. Its insane how awful the gameplay was implemented.

The worst thing a β€˜hard’ difficulty does is simply turn the enemies into tanks. Because all that does it make you do kiting tactics, the sign of failures.
A head shot should ALWAYS be a headshot.

You can shatter frozen enemies, and kick them into walls... dont blame the game because you dont understand the mechanics.

On topic: most games are too easy on easy or normal. Hardest difficulty tends to be the sweet spot for me. But... very few games do hard mode right. XCOM 1/2 WoTC come to mind though.

User Info: Thermador446

7 months ago#17
djmetal777 posted...
Bonus question: what are some that are TOO HARD on normal/default difficulty?

wolfenstein 2 difficulty is just stupid, uber difficulty was just f***ing perfect in TOB & TNObut TNC difficulty levels were f***ing wack, anything above normal you had to cheese to survive
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User Info: SepulturaGamer

7 months ago#18
Witcher 3, even on Death March it's not much.
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