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  3. What are you currently playing and why?

User Info: 50mission

8 months ago#1
Giving MHW another shot.... about 5 hours in. Feeling much better about it this time. This game is so incredibly deep. What are you playing now?

User Info: Sila98

8 months ago#2
Elder Scrolls Online
Just got back into it after two years of not playing it

User Info: Space_Monky

8 months ago#3
nothing and i'm bored to death. just beat GoW though and loved it.
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User Info: MKScorpion

8 months ago#4
Just got into GTAV Online since it's PS3 launch, it was on sale on PSN for 29 so I thought it could keep me entertained until DS Remaster next week or whenever I am bored and don't know what to play lol

User Info: JGurn86

8 months ago#5
Persona 5 just got through Kamoshidas palace
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User Info: markd23

8 months ago#6
Primarily Destiny 2. A friend persuaded to buy it like 2 weeks ago to play online with him.
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User Info: Semeki

8 months ago#7
Monster Hunter while Darksiders download. Played Darksiders II never finished it but now I'll be able to play I and finish II. All 3are good games.
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User Info: ironman2009

8 months ago#8
fortnite cause i'm addicted.
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User Info: binaryvegeta

8 months ago#9
god of war cause it's dope
Kept you waiting, huh?

User Info: __Ryoki__

8 months ago#10
Monster Hunter World. 600+ hours still goin strong.

Other than that Warframe and Xenoblade 2.
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