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  3. Would you quit your job to be a pro gamer/streamer?

User Info: PsychoWolfX

8 months ago#1
If you had the skill and opportunity to actually make a living off of gaming, would you be willing to quit whatever you are doing now and go for it?
I don't really love my job but I'm not exactly looking for the door either. I have always dreamed of making money off of gaming, but if I had the chance to be a streamer I think I'd just do it casually on off days.

To hell with being a pro. I have never had any interest in e-sports and the lifestyle sounds terrible.
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User Info: wwinterj25

8 months ago#2
I don't have a job but no. Sounds a lot of hard work and probably would ruin my enjoyment of games. Much like being a game tester would. Some folk find it appealing to play a game early but these game testers play the game over and over and I imagine by the end of it they are sick of it while the rest of the world can't wait for it to come out.
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User Info: DualArms

8 months ago#3
Most likely, no. I think being a pro-gamer/streamer has less job stability compared to my current job.
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User Info: QueezZeenart

8 months ago#4
No, but I do plan to start streaming myself doing my job, since time in the near future.

User Info: random_man9119

8 months ago#5
My friend and I are about to start up some streaming... but neither of us would quit our job for it...
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User Info: TheFalseDeity

8 months ago#6
If i could stream silently sure. Just play the game as normal and get paid for it? Sounds great.

But if i have to talk at all then absolutely not.

Pass on e sports as well.
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User Info: Jaime_Benn

8 months ago#7
A dude I watch makes at least $1000 every time he streams. He streams like 4 times a night. $4000 a week from donations + money from subs + whatever he gets from YouTube? Hell yeah I would. Yeah, there is no job security, and his followers may disappear, buy making money by just playing games seems cool.

Of course, he does a lot of behind the scene stuff to make his streams the highest quality. I would need help there.

User Info: kaimine08

8 months ago#8
No, I lack the charm and personality to get a game streaming service off the ground. Plus, I'd have to deal with the bs of Youtube.

User Info: SquareJRPGKing

8 months ago#9
If someone came to me willing to pay me to play games? Sure

but if I had to quit my job to try to make it viable? no way
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User Info: Zurriah

8 months ago#10
I can't really say. Right now, I feel like streaming wouldn't be something I even enjoy doing, since you always have to divide your attention and I like to be fully immersed. And if you hit it big you end up making decisions about what games you play based on whether it's good for your channels. I know a lot of streamers pass on games they want because "It's not a good community based/building game". And they're so busy gaming on stream that they never do it off stream or they would get sick of it.

And on top of that, if you're a Youtube streamer that's a lot of crap to put up with. Youtube is notorious for abusing its content creators. Twitch is better, but it still has its own issues. So currently I would say no, but if I actually had the personality for it and the opportunity came along to do it for big money I would probably cave and take that leap.
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