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User Info: jason19192

9 months ago#1
Which of these are the worst kind of people in gaming? - Results (629 votes)
People who spend tons of money on microtransactions a.k.a Whales
8.59% (54 votes)
People who defend disgusting business practices like pay to win microtransactions
15.9% (100 votes)
People who only play casual games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Fornite, etc.
4.61% (29 votes)
SJW gamers like Anita Sarkeesian
24.96% (157 votes)
Youtubers or Twitch streamers who play video games for a living and constanly beg for money
10.33% (65 votes)
Sony Fanboys
7.15% (45 votes)
Microsoft Fanboys
2.7% (17 votes)
Nintendo Fanboys
6.36% (40 votes)
PC fanboys
4.13% (26 votes)
People who mostly play online to troll other players
15.26% (96 votes)
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User Info: reidyboy102998

9 months ago#2
I picked Nintendo fanboys. I never seen so much toxicity amongst regulars, troll threads, and reassurance threads on a board on this site.
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User Info: Bluntified

9 months ago#3
No 'all of the above' option?
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User Info: PaulFoster

9 months ago#4
From that list, I vote youtubers/twitch streamers.
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User Info: EvilGiygas

9 months ago#5
The kind of people that cry and complain about games they don't like. Where's that option TC?
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

9 months ago#6
where are the people who cry about sjw this sjw that in every topic

they win
The river doesn't move. It doesn't flow. It's been leaded by snider men to make a profit from the poor. Don't want to hear those vile trumpets anymore.

User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

9 months ago#7
Where’s the option for:

The “gamers” who make polls on GFAQs to call out other “gamers”.

User Info: Gangstub

9 months ago#8
The people who keep trying to push "Single Player Linear Narative" on us. Even though, I'd much rather save my $60 and watch a story on Youtube for FREE.

User Info: WhatHappened

9 months ago#9
Bluntified posted...
No 'all of the above' option?
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User Info: yohabroha

9 months ago#10
Depends what you mean by that last one, as it's the only group that's actually done something to me while gaming. Do you mean trolling by being toxic on the mic/chat, obnoxiously blaring music, etc.? Or do you mean team killing and tanking, playing off-objective? The latter is disruptive, the former is easy to ignore.
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