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User Info: CrimsonGear80

1 year ago#41
jason19192 posted...
CrimsonGear80 posted...
jason19192 posted...
AfkNinja posted...
jason19192 posted...
Eli99999 posted...
jason19192 posted...
It's literally witcher 3 that's way more unpolished, has crappier combat, terrible story, boring and mediocre missions for the most part, and has microtransactions with a $40 season pass. Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is better than AC origins in pretty much every conceivable way except for map size I guess?

Unpolished? lmao are you joking, it's far more polished than TW3 and controls a million times better, and the combat is leagues better.


He's right though, Witcher 3 did a lot of things correct and was awesome but the combat in Origins is better.

So mashing r1 and r2, using the r1+r2 abilitiy, and dodging with zero strategy involved is better than witcher's 3 combat?

did you always die on shield enemies? must have sucked.

you mean the enemies you just mash R2 on, not really.

yeah, that doesn't work unless you enjoy hearing that *konk* sound.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

1 year ago#42
I've played 1, 2, B, R, 3, 4:BF, U, S

I'm in the middle of Origins

I am no means an expert in game analysis, but I think people like AC:O because it does not play like an Assassin's Creed game.

Before you had the quiet intense slow bits where you try to figure out how to get through a place without killing anyone except the target. If you can't do that part you try to figure out how to kill without getting detected. If you can't do that you can just kill everyone. Combat was weak because you were not supposed to engage in combat.

In Origins there is a heavier emphasis on combat. So many missions have involved clearing out all enemies or it does not make sense to leave enemies alive. There have been a few missions where I didn't kill anyone and those do feel like Assassin's Creed to me, but then you miss out on experience. You aren't rewarded for stealth.

Sure the other games didn't really reward stealth, but in the past you just spent in-game money for better gear and there were ways outside of combat to make money. Now you can get the best gear available for your level, but if the enemy is 3 levels higher than you they can 1 shot you, and if the enemy is 3 levels below you the experience gain is so small you're better off not wasting your time. And it isn't like you can just avoid them or lay low for a bit. Some enemies will initiate combat on sight and they're such a ridiculously high level you have no choice but to run or let them kill you and respawn outside of their range. To use smoke bombs you have to dodge first then use them. I'm better off dying.

You get bonus experience for using the super combat mode or killing while not detected or headshot kills with bow. No bonuses for only killing the target and leaving. Not killing everyone is just a huge waste of time because you're gonna have to kill something to get that XP meter up.

I think the game also wants you to fight everyone. There was one mark and I made it above his room without killing anyone. There I am watching him make his rounds. I see the target indicator, press Assassinate and I jump to one of the guards on the other side of the room. Turns out Bayek has some yelling to do. I don't feel like a stealthy assassin. The game wants me to be a brawler.

I liked the stealthy bits everyone else found boring in past games. Now that it's more action orientated more people like it and I get less out of it.
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User Info: SoulTrain75

1 year ago#43
jason19192 posted...
SoulTrain75 posted...
Get rogue remaster, it's out now.

I already played it on ps3, I liked it better than origins btw.

Me to I'm playing it again.

One thing I will say about a.c. games is the trophies dont require you to follow a guide. Other then a few of the earlier puzzle solving you don't ever need to look at a guide and you can enjoy the game. Same with farcry and watchdogs and other Ubisoft games.
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User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

1 year ago#44
TC says

Why don’t people agree with all of my opinions? Don’t they know I’m always right? When G-d invented facts, he made sure I had a say in what they were. Don’t you people know that I wrote the standards and benchmarks for good and bad?

Fun fact: If you look up taste in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of me there with a caption that reads “I decide what’s considered tasteful.”
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

1 year ago#45
I always see TCs name and for a second think "I don't even remember making this s***".

But Jason, I, also Jason, will answer - because I enjoy exploring a historical setting. Ubisoft makes interesting worlds. They unfortunately fill it with a lot of busy work, but whatever.

Specifically AC Origins, I'm very interested in Ancient Egypt, and have always wanted to explore a world like that ever since playing Pharaoh (Sierra strategy game) back in 1999.
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User Info: junxian127

1 year ago#46
one man meat,another poison.

User Info: Machinaprince

1 year ago#47
Ac origins is a far superior game to TW3. Origins diverse set of characters, story and gameplay isn't bland at least.

User Info: Revocation68

1 year ago#48
All you do in the game is raid outpost after outpost. Story is s*** and has one of the worst endings/slap to the face ever. Side quests are forgettable with countless "go to bandit camp 5,271".

The tombs are very underwhelming too with brain dead puzzles and s*** loot. It had so much potential but we got this half ass medicore job. The map is also waaaaay too big, learn how to do more with less. This notation that huge maps=good content/game s*** needs to stop.

User Info: ManuKesna

1 year ago#49
mrhappyguy12345 posted...
Why are you concerned about games you don’t like? Go make some topics about games you enjoy.

Because tc is a troll 🤷🏻‍♂

User Info: jason19192

1 year ago#50
Machinaprince posted...
Ac origins is a far superior game to TW3. Origins diverse set of characters, story and gameplay isn't bland at least.

Diverse set of boring characters you mean (Bayek was ok everyone else sucked), story and gameplay is bland in witcher 3 but not in Assassin's creed origins, ok then.
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