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11 months ago#81
BurnDownTheFort posted...
KINDERFELD posted...
So why are console gamers afraid of going from 1 gaming gen to the next? Who gives a damn if the PS4 lasts 5 years as appose to 7 like previous consoles?

When more powerful graphics cards become available, pc gamers just save their money and upgrade to the next best thing. They don't cry about the gen being too short and all the other dribble I hear on this message board.

But I guess console gaming is intent on remaining budget gaming primarily marketed to penny pinchers.

You're dumb dude.

If that's your best retort I'll beg of you to look in the mirror and recite your post until it dawns on you the banality of it all.
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11 months ago#82
I have a GTX 980.
Not buying a Titan V or 1080 ti.

That's dumb.
Why? Investment wise means I'll lose money upgrading that soon.
Anyone is free to spend money however they want some decide to make smarter decisions.

I don't plan to upgrade until Nvidia announces GTX 1280 or 2180 or whatever they call it like about 2 years from now.

Allow me to clarify: Not buying the card after 1080 ti.
I know some of you will be like "DUR no such thing! huuur!"
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