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  3. psvr made everyone in my household feel ill.

User Info: cory1225

11 months ago#11
you have to keep at it until you get your "VR legs". Some people take longer than others to get used to it, while others just can't play it at all
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User Info: Dark_Choas23

11 months ago#12
try Superhot VR or Knockout League.

User Info: Thermador446

11 months ago#13
Cryptarch posted...
Yeah any VR game with rapid movement will make anyone sick that's not accustomed to VR gaming. Have a cooling fan nearby and rather than standing up, try sitting comfortably. Also make sure you're not playing VR when feeling tired.

Standing up on your feet and playing a VR game that requires walking or running movement will make your brain confused.

Simulation sickness is technically the complete opposite of motion sickness, but so directly opposite that symptoms are basically the same for both.

My first time with psvr, i played skrim for 20-30 minutes, & i was sick for over 12 hours. The sickest i have felt in the past 10 years, aside from that time I ate 2 month expired yogurt
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User Info: 8SaintWanderer

11 months ago#14
You gotta ease into more complex VR games. Start off with Tumble VR, Ping Pong VR etc. and only after putting in some hours with it on and off then try more elaborate games like Skyrim VR Doom VFR etc. Players can chew bubble gum while playing VR games (while pointing a fan at the player too) and that seems to help people avoid simulation sickness.
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User Info: angerbox

11 months ago#15
So weird since I can play farpoint completely fine for hours on end but skyrim gives me wicked bad motion sickness.

User Info: mastergamer0001

11 months ago#16
angerbox posted...
So weird since I can play farpoint completely fine for hours on end but skyrim gives me wicked bad motion sickness.

It might have something to do with Farpoint actually being made for VR, while Skyrim was converted from a regular game.
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User Info: BiggieY2Killer

11 months ago#17
Make sure to do eye to eye measurement under settings for each new user or have their IPD saved under separate users.
I highly recommend against pushing through VR sickness. It will only make it take longer to acclimate and you'll start associating nausea with the headset when you're not even wearing it.
Build you're VR legs with small incremental increases with full motion games. Playing stationary games will still help with acclimation to full motion games. Playing cockpit games are good after you're comfortable with stationary. Full motion and smooth turning walking games are for people who have their VR legs or no VR sickness.
Sprint Vector is the only full motion game unlikely to cause VR sickness.
I found the fastest way to check the headset is properly seated is to hold the home button down to bring up the options menu. Then use that text to check for clarity and adjust the headset accordingly.
When I first tried full motion VR I got sick immediately and couldn't play at all. Took me a month to build up to unlimited play on full motion games.
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User Info: Chris8796

11 months ago#18
tried again and almost threw up as pushed myself harder this time, is there a chance I may never get use to this?

User Info: caped88crusader

11 months ago#19
I'd take a long break, and would probably consider selling it.

User Info: Chris8796

11 months ago#20
its so amazing that im willing to fight through this if My body will get use to it, but what I fear is I can't read a book in the car without getting motion sickness, how can I overcome this?
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