Which is worse in a game: Bad voice acting or bad writing?

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  3. Which is worse in a game: Bad voice acting or bad writing?

User Info: axelfooley2k5

7 months ago#11

persona 5

dont hurt me
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User Info: omgseal

7 months ago#12
axelfooley2k5 posted...

persona 5

dont hurt me

persona 5 has terrible dialogue. so youre right.
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User Info: Fujean

7 months ago#13
I hate bad voice acting more because it makes me want to hunt down the person who did it and beat their ass (Prime Example: Vaan's voice actor in FF12 because of his vocal frying). Bad writing I can overlook if I don't care about the story anyway, which has been happening with increasing frequency lately.

User Info: theshoveller

7 months ago#14
Bad writing. Bad VA you can overlook if it's well-written, but no matter how great a voice-actor might be, they can't save a game with a crummy plot, crummy dialogue, or poor pacing.
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User Info: tirekyll

7 months ago#15
Chrono Trigger is and always will be my GOAT.

User Info: kel25

7 months ago#16
Bad writing. I can always turn off the sound and listen to something else. Which is what I normally do.

User Info: Chisoka

7 months ago#17
"My face is tired." Pretty much covers both bad writing and bad voice acting, not to mention facial animation.

User Info: PsychoWolfX

7 months ago#18
"Hope this isn't Chris's blood"

Bad voice acting can often be hilarious.
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User Info: AltOmega

7 months ago#19
definitely VA, for any language
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User Info: SilentDarkway

7 months ago#20
Well if it's a game focused on story, then bad writing is worse.

If it's a game focused on gameplay and level design and mechanics, then voice acting is worse.
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  3. Which is worse in a game: Bad voice acting or bad writing?

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