Which Genre Has The Most Trolls Online?

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User Info: theshoveller

6 months ago#11
sleepercell99 posted...
theshoveller posted...
My guess is either Shooters or MOBAs. MMOs, they can usually get policed out pretty quick between various tools added to limit "trollish" behavior like AFKing, causing issues with the other party members, etc. I don't see how much trolling could be done in racing, sports, and fighting games - they're fairly individualized where a single "troll player" won't ruin everyone's day. Shooters and MOBAs, though, those have team modes - and one person acting out in a team setting can ruin the fun for everyone else on that team.

That's the thing about "trolling" behaviors that make them so appealing to some people, and troublesome to others - the ability to "mess with" other players while also experiencing complete or nigh-complete immunity from other players, at least for the duration of the match. Team-killing is a popular activity, as is the "I'm helping by hindering!" actions of leaving areas open for the enemy team to exploit, or by simply running around not actively trying to kill or be killed by the other team - instead, actively trying to be killed by them, while not trying to kill them in turn.

In those other genres? You don't have much of that because of how they're designed. Shooters and MOBAs, though, they're slightly different. Sometimes they have good tools, sometimes they don't. A large population and the "thrown together with random players" aspects of them, though, make it more appealing to mess with new people every time.

in racng games, trolls like to drive the wrong way and crash into other players

Eh, it could be easy enough to avoid in a sense - the troll at best takes everyone out of the race (in which case the race ends early) or at worst takes himself out of the race (in which case the troll is no longer affecting everyone else.)
Stupid, stupid rat creatures!!!

User Info: sleepercell99

6 months ago#12
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