Will Dark Souls 1 Remaster Be Worth Getting?

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User Info: supertecmobowl

7 months ago#31
madeaccount4dis posted...
Getting a good shield early makes DS significantly easier than BB. Perfectly timed dodges are less important in DS with a good shield (still needed for some bosses though). But try beating any BB boss without (almost constant) dodging

Sure BB has insanely OP weapons, but they require proper gems and all that, which, in a normal playthrough are only obtainable late-game (no one is going to abuse chalice dungeons on their first run). Plus DS has Miracles and Crystal Soul Spear/Homing Crystal Soulmass

BB throws large enemy groups at you frequently, DS almost never does. And don't forget how hard the Old Hunters is

If you find DS harder it's because it was likely your first FS game, so you weren't used to the formula yet, the games didn't get easier, you got better.

Good to know, thanks.
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User Info: psolitsa

7 months ago#32
Vita_Aeterna posted...
Maybe, but the price is $20 too high.

It’s 32 euros for preorder here, how much do you want it to be?

User Info: flkid

7 months ago#33
Yes it's the game of the Gen last gen and the best Souls game. Cant wait to revisit Lordran again. Best gaming world ever imo.
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User Info: supertecmobowl

7 months ago#34
psolitsa posted...
Vita_Aeterna posted...
Maybe, but the price is $20 too high.

It’s 32 euros for preorder here, how much do you want it to be?

It's $39.99 in America, he want's it $20
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User Info: kaliskonig

7 months ago#35
Even if they dont change the gameplay at all, it will still be the best Souls game imo
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User Info: kablamo

7 months ago#36
Adam_Ace posted...
supertecmobowl posted...
Adam_Ace posted...
supertecmobowl posted...
madeaccount4dis posted...
supertecmobowl posted...
Honestly, I don't know. From what I hear Bloodborne is alot easier than Dark Souls, and I love Bloodborne. The difficulty in Bloodborne is perfect. I'm not sure how to handle a more difficult game.

DS is absolutely easier .-.

Thanks, I might consider buying it now.

Wait what? Did someone say Dark Souls is way easier?

Dude, just quick heads-up there is no real easy entry into the series and Dark Souls the original is one of the hardest I've ever played... as a new player. The game opens up it's entire world extremely early and that can be daunting as it can be a little easy to get lost. I absolutely recommend playing but if you are I'll say right now on your first playthrough, head towards the undead berg.


How much harder is Dark Souls than Bloodborne?

As a first time player? Being honest here I'd say it's not far off.

For as much s*** as everyone likes to give Dark Souls 2 for artificially inflating its difficulty I'd actually consider it an easier game if you've beaten Dark Souls I.

Bloodborne is the hardest From game but to shrug off Dark Souls I's difficulty so off hand is pretty damn naive honestly.

I thought DS was much harder, not just the boss fights, but the puzzles had more depth to them.....

IMO, BB was a lot more linear, and easier to figure out.

But, someone already mentioned it, if you played and beat DS, BB should be easier.
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User Info: uptown710

7 months ago#37
Depends on the price TC.
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User Info: rjames80

7 months ago#38

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
7 months ago#39
It should be if it’s well made

User Info: McDude_

7 months ago#40
It's the best game in the trilogy, and with a fresh community that is active again, it should be worth it.

I hope to participate in much jolly cooperation.
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