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User Info: bluewolf51313

10 months ago#31
I have two actually, a phat oled model and a red slim. Also a pstv
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User Info: oldgamingfan

10 months ago#32
I own a ps vita slim and I use it all the time for both remote play and vita games and also the occasional movie the vita is my favorite handheld since The GBA SP I'll always have one
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User Info: Halladay32

10 months ago#33
No. I debated getting one a few years ago, but then they started porting the few games I would've been interested in over to the PS4, so I didn't see the point anymore.

User Info: ZemusZeromus

10 months ago#34
PSTV. It's awful.

User Info: BryanPS360

10 months ago#35
Yes. I haven't touched it in ages though.

Only game I beat on it was Persona 4 Golden. Tried Final Fantasy X, but I can't imagine forcing myself to finish that slog.
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User Info: shawnmck

10 months ago#36
yes, and I love it.

User Info: nathanvosgerau

10 months ago#37
Have a 1000 and a 2000, easily my most played handheld.
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User Info: JascoD

10 months ago#38
Yes and I love it.
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User Info: Griff

10 months ago#39
Does the PSTV count? I got one of those strictly for TxK.

User Info: tzuyd

10 months ago#40
Loved the PSP (had two, for multiplayer) and the Vita is unquestionably a solid piece of kit, but they had to go and ruin it with that stupidly expensive proprietary memory card so I never ended up getting one.
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