Suppose the PS5 is announced, but it has no features apart from playing games...

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  3. Suppose the PS5 is announced, but it has no features apart from playing games...

User Info: kaimine08

6 months ago#61
In this climate, it wouldn't do well. People are complaining because Nintendo won't get with the times and they actually do a few services despite their online infrastructure being garbage.

User Info: Lsnake

6 months ago#62
What would be the point? All digital games would be out, limiting the console so much. Indie gaming, deals, betas, demos, patches, expansions, all of that stuff would be gone.

Would not get. Would be immediately slaughtered upon announcement, just like the Xbox One was because of inane design decisions.
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User Info: Every1hasAids

6 months ago#63
Don't care for online play, lame features, ad ons, etc.
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User Info: Krazy_Kirby

6 months ago#64
voted for first option w/o reading the dumb crap underneath the options.

no online and ps store is horrible. i own 11 physical games for my ps4, the rest are digital.
Kill From The Shadows.

User Info: VoiceOfReason

6 months ago#65
I buy consoles for games.
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User Info: curtisj2993

6 months ago#66
TheRobber posted...
curtisj2993 posted...
I buy a console purely to play video games, I couldn't care less if it had other features outside of that

so you do care about them having other features?

Hope that clears it up for you

User Info: Iokua

6 months ago#67
You mean like the Switch? I already have a system that only plays games, I don't need another.
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User Info: Krixx87

6 months ago#68
Wouldn't be that big of a deal.

A lot of the better TVs these days are smart TVs that can do most of the non-game things that PlayStations do.

I wouldn't need my playstation to play Netflix or amazon prime video.

User Info: Lollybomb

6 months ago#69
I'm surprised more people haven't been all like "Finally, devs will have to put out complete and bug free games like they used to" forgetting of course that plenty of older games shipped with (sometimes pretty serious) bugs, and content got cut that the devs probably would have liked to have put in latter if they had the time.
I would, but it violates an axiom I live by.
Never do anything phenomenally stupid.

User Info: Gixen

6 months ago#70
No patches!?
So you're saying game companies have to release fully functional games again? Yeah right...
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