Anyone want a 20% off code?

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User Info: john7281

7 months ago#31
sithgod513 posted...
john7281 posted...
I may be stupid but how did anyone get a code? I never got a code at all.

I seem to get them randomly from the What's new emails from sony that they send weekly. You need to check them carefully because sometimes it doesn't even mention what it is but there is just a cd key there, I usually get like 1 a month or so it seems like. I'm signed up for newsletters but I don't know if that helps. I buy games on PSN here and there but not all the time and I don't think any of them are ever apart of any promotion to get discount codes so I'm pretty sure the ones I receive at least are random.

I never signed up for the newsletter at all, and aside from getting emails of what I buy I don't get emails from Sony at all. I remember I actually platinumed Horizon when they giving away a theme for it and never got an email about that either. I buy games on PSN but rarely though, so I'm wondering if it because you signed up for the newsletter.
PSN Faclorien

User Info: KenshiroX

7 months ago#32
I honestly would like a code to perhaps finish out my gaming purchasing for the holidays! Probably way too late though.
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