Which gaming genre has more hardcore tryhards?

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  3. Which gaming genre has more hardcore tryhards?

User Info: djmetal777

4 months ago#1
Of the 2 which has more hardcore tryhards? - Results (39 votes)
46.15% (18 votes)
35.9% (14 votes)
17.95% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Not trying to spark negativity but i had my share of bad experiences online with both these genres and i wanted to know what you guys think or if there is a genre with more toxicity
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User Info: potatochobit

4 months ago#2
league of legends, kid
this is life:

User Info: NoireIsBestGirl

4 months ago#3
Well with any FPS I get to hear kids scream at me about how they f***ed my mom and how s*** I am when I kill them so I'm going to go ahead and vote FPS.
Noire is actual perfection. This isn't open for debate.

User Info: Azardea

4 months ago#4
Probably MOBAs.

User Info: jorgeammo

4 months ago#5
FPS games.

I hate playing online with randoms, but I've heard some vile crap from adolescent boys or manchildren.

We have our resident try hard JohnWall32 that's on this board all the time to boast about is Call of Duty sessions.

User Info: Cidastor

4 months ago#6
I think it's equal.

You can find a******s interested in anything.
I'm not a true gamer. I like to think a lot. I own and play a LOT of games. But I'd rather not be some fanboy bent over taking turns for their corporate masters
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  3. Which gaming genre has more hardcore tryhards?

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