Why do Japanese aka weeb games get so much hate?

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User Info: EvilGiygas

5 months ago#41
This topic smells like trash.
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User Info: JohnUchihaLee

5 months ago#42
^ you're right about that.
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User Info: Yumi3000

5 months ago#43

User Info: Tiael

5 months ago#44
Stryder597 posted...
Triggered Weebs...extra salt, just in time


Bring the popcorn for Star Wars next week, we'll get together, have a few laughs.
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User Info: Setsunahenry

5 months ago#45
So Nier: Automata is...
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User Info: Yumi3000

5 months ago#46
Setsunahenry posted...
So Nier: Automata is...

an 11/10

User Info: EightySix22

5 months ago#47
Japanese games are really good. In fact, they are among the best. The japanophiles, however, are insufferable. They tend to be extremely vocal, obnoxiously condescending regarding everything popular in the West, with a lot of free time to discuss the weird titles no one cares about.

User Info: JohnUchihaLee

5 months ago#48
Pigeon_Senpai posted...
Gatchan2 posted...
Japanese games are not 'weeb' games. They are games made in Japan.

Japan doesn't cater to weebs. They cater to their own first and foremost.

A weeb is someone who is not from Japan that is obsessed with Japan in general; not just games.

In fact, one can be a weeb and not even be a gamer.

Sure the Japanese like to localize games (when they can), but what company doesnt like more money?

Globalizing is how Nintendo, Sony, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan and many others gained worldwide success.

There is Xenophobia, ignorance, and nationalistic pride on both ends.

Many Japanese scoff at Western made games. Is why XBox does terrible in Japan.
There used to be sections in stores there where there'd be "Kuso gamu" (s*** games) which were basically the Western game section.
Still, games like Call of Duty and Minecraft sell well there. GTA V was the top selling PS3 game in Japan in 2013.

People in the West that arent fans of Japanese games or Japanese culture in general, are quick to trash their games and throw anyone that likes them under the bus, using the term 'weeb', even though said person might not actually BE a weeb, but just appreciate well made games.

Of course, there are certain Japanese games that are more niche in variety and pander to the "Otaku" (Japanese nerd), which in turn, also can be attractive to said Western "Weeb".

These games often use Anime art style of the modern trend ("Moe" style with loli females), use fanservice as a selling tool, and feature sub par graphics and antiquated game designs (to cut costs in development).

Otaku and Weebs give these things a pass because of the overall nature of the games that appeal to them in those categories I mentioned.
Often these Otakus and Weebs have poor social skills, hygiene, and have a defeatist attitude towards improving said skills, so they dive into the world of gaming and anime instead as escapism.
This is why you will often see comments like "2D is better than 3D" (which means: "fictional hand drawn women are more desirable to me than real women" or "Flat chest is best" (which basically means: "although I'm not admitting to being a pedo, nor would I dare to attempt to go after any female that is underage for fear of consequences. the 'safe haven' of the anime loli entices me, as there is 'no wrong' in being sexually aroused by fictional underage characters, or so that is what I'm told online"), and "Your Waifu is a s***" (which basically means: "My fictional "wife" of choice is better than yours")

This type of mentiality usually disgusts the average mainstream Western gamer and even non gamer to the point where they'll just lump every game coming out of Japan now as "a weeb game" and anyone who likes to play them as "a weeb". Even though obviously that is not the case when you have Nintendo games, Metal Gear Solid games, Resident Evil/Silent Hill games, and other examples that have no similarity to low tier niche Otaku bait anime style games featuring Moeblob character art and pandering.

Good Post. Too bad you were ignored.

lol TC couldn't argue against this post even if he had the brain to do so.
"Non-English reviews don't matter"-Romangelo the Trollmangelo Nov 28 2016

User Info: Charged151

5 months ago#49
Yumi3000 posted...
Setsunahenry posted...
So Nier: Automata is...

an 11/10
(message deleted)
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