Everybody's Golf only $20 on Amazon

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User Info: Scorsese2002

3 months ago#1
Dropped 50%


User Info: DiztruxionUk

3 months ago#2
I like the look of it but I'll wait til it's what I think it's actually worth, about £10. It's the kind of game you'd not be surprised to see on PS+ so I think it was massively overpriced on release.

Can't be any worse than Rory McIlroy PGA Tour though, I paid £4 for that and I still feel I got ripped off :D
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User Info: Canned Toast

Canned Toast
3 months ago#3
It's a fun game, but a bit grindy. It takes a while to get access to all the courses and the "open" online ran poorly for me. Private matches were fine.
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