The ultimate act of rebellion...

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User Info: Samaellives91

5 months ago#1
Playing Battlefront 2. The Original.

Fun Fact: Rebellion made the PSP Battlefront games. Both were really good too. Especially Elite Squadron.
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User Info: BaldursGate

5 months ago#2
I guess that's a fact.

User Info: seiki

5 months ago#3
I remember the PSP ones, it had online multiplayer. The controls just like most PSP games were borked
ResetERA: seiki

User Info: leeman3104

5 months ago#4
weirdly my thought was that alt. ending from far cry 4. the idea of playing a game was running around and doing s***, the idea you can sort of win the game by sitting there for a while is funny, to me.
Here's an idea to make that rabbit harder: give him Gaea Rage. And don't even have the damage: just make it crash the game and delete your saves.
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