Why are there female soldiers in CoD WWII?

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User Info: GI_Ti

11 months ago#31
To make LBGT happy.

User Info: XgovernmentAgen

11 months ago#32
Sadly the studio was pressureized by certain groups of people.
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User Info: SamuraiSpirit77

11 months ago#33
namewitheld posted...
As for Cod - its just following the prevailing wind, games (and everything else) get bad PR for only featuring male characters these days...because Americas *redacted*. So female, black wehrmacht soldiers...

Exactly this.

User Info: EternalWolf

11 months ago#34
Medal of Honor: Underground.

User Info: reidyboy102998

11 months ago#35
@EternalWolf Medal of Honor European Assault was really fun on the PS2.
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User Info: ManjiMidou

11 months ago#36
Jedi454 posted...
I watched a bit of beta gameplay and I heard women yelling in the game.

WWII was mostly men fighting in the wars and there was only male soldiers in most of the earlier CoD games. What changed and what justification is there for female soldiers in a WWII shooter?

Why do soldiers respawn when they are killed?
Im pretty sure there was no respawning back then.
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User Info: GRU_Commander

11 months ago#37
Who cares.

Play Day of Infamy instead. f*** this s***.

User Info: Mitsumanic

11 months ago#38
Between the blatant lack of brain cells and straight up odd spelling choices, not sure how you cry babies function on a daily basis without s***ting yourselves.

User Info: disctray1

11 months ago#39
Dwavenhobble posted...
I don't know why could there possibly ever be women put into a game likely in roles they never served in real life (not discrediting the role women did play but I'm guessing few were frontline grunts)

I mean it's almost like some-one convinced the studio to push an agenda


this makes me so angry. finally getting a new ww2 game and its ruined by feminist bs...

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
11 months ago#40
there actually were women in wwii and it's a game not a documentary it doesn't have to be historically accurate

and it's better this way i don't want games to have just guys

disctray1 posted...
this makes me so angry. finally getting a new ww2 game and its ruined by feminist bs...

having women in a game=feminist BS lol people these days
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