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  3. Why are there female soldiers in CoD WWII?

User Info: muggy

1 year ago#101
They are in there so I can kill them

User Info: BenjaMan64

1 year ago#102
Dwavenhobble posted...
blakfayt posted...
Dwavenhobble posted...
The every-one saying "It's just a game" or "Who cares" or "Accuracy is not important

Hope you enjoy the mixed Gender teams in Madden 2019 / Fifa 2019 and also the mixed gender events for all events in the next Olympics video game ;)

You act like anyone in this thread gives a flying f*** about CoD, Madden, OR Fifa. Casual, yearly pumped out, regurgitated, season pass spewing trash of the video game world that they are. No, no one except no lifes would be bothered if the next Madden game let you build an all female team that performed as well as the men's team. Hell, put them in cheerleader outfits too. Who gives a bloody f***, it's a video game. If you want to play football go outside and play real football instead of acting like an already unrealistic simulation is anything other than wasting time. Get riled up about something in the gaming world that will actually matter instead of the "realism".

Here's an idea.

Why not have they be able to fly too and shoot lazers from their eyes? Why not who buys sports games for any attempt to resemble the actual sport eh?

That sounds like a great idea. It'd be like finally getting a Mario Strikers Charged sequel.

User Info: Fire_Emblem_

1 year ago#103
ManjiMidou posted...
Jedi454 posted...
I watched a bit of beta gameplay and I heard women yelling in the game.

WWII was mostly men fighting in the wars and there was only male soldiers in most of the earlier CoD games. What changed and what justification is there for female soldiers in a WWII shooter?

Why do soldiers respawn when they are killed?
Im pretty sure there was no respawning back then.
How is a gameplay mechanic comparable to realism?? Most video games have stuff like that doesn't mean the story can't stay true to the original events...

Not that I really care about them adding female characters though.
Ike is the best Fire Emblem character! Path of Radiance is the best Fire Emblem!
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