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  3. Does politics effect console sales?

User Info: Ozosil

1 year ago#1
I doubt they sold a lot of German and Japanese products in allied countries during WWII. Since America is now in Russia's pocket and is trying to make enemies with countries that it used to call allies. WI'll this effect the sales American company products like the xbox outside the US, Rassia and Saudi Arabia? Given that the xbox is only selling 1 to 3 against ps4 in most of the world apart from the US.

User Info: Jedi454

1 year ago#2
Probably not, it depends on the economics of a specific country and living/ income standards.
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User Info: Foxclaws

1 year ago#3
I'm not okay I'm crazy!!!!

User Info: Riversands

1 year ago#4
Dude. Politic affects everything.
Politic is literally everything that you're doing. One cannot separate herself from politic.

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User Info: Ranvryant

1 year ago#5
I don't know, I have never come across a politician that bribed voters with consoles.

User Info: Chucky86

1 year ago#6
Not for me. I don't pay it much mind when I don't have to.
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User Info: CaIiber345

1 year ago#7
No, only the small minds of certain GameFAQs users.
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