The Last of the Evil Within Us

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User Info: zombody

4 months ago#51
I hate it when we get more than one great game, what a travesty!
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User Info: hak145

4 months ago#52
idk why people get so defensive about this. Yea TC there uncanny similiarities between the two games.

-protagonist is a gruff, strong, handsome father or lost both his wife and daughter due to tragic circumstances.
-the lost(i think thats what there called) resemble the last of us infected in a lot of way (movement, behavior etc.
-theres a heavy stealth mechanic in both games that plays out similiarly
- workbench crafting and upgrading

there are also big differences though, both plot related and gameplay related so to say it is a copy of the last of us is a stretch me thinks.
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User Info: Maverick_Reznor

4 months ago#53
merc1231 posted...
kenshiki posted...
Beers posted...
What did they copy?

Absolutely nothing

have you played the second one?

the stealth, the workbench upgrades, the upgrade system, the way the zombies walk.

literally the gameplay is a carbon copy of the last of us

There was stealth in the first, as well as upgrade systems for weapons and the player.
The "zombies" dont behave anything like zombies in the last of us
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