Is there anyone here that doesn't really care for New Game Plus in games?

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  3. Is there anyone here that doesn't really care for New Game Plus in games?

User Info: theshoveller

5 months ago#11
juker79 posted...
Never really did care for it, until Bloodborne sucked me.

Man, the one time you forget to leave a word out... hahahahaha.
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User Info: Alpha_Jam

5 months ago#12
The only games I've ever NG+ were Golden Sun 2 (because it's my favorite game), Persona 4 Golden for some odd reason, and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen recently.

Generally, I completely ignore that option. I finish a game and move on.

I played Bloodborne like 6 times, but each time was a fresh save. I don't find a little beefier enemies and retaining my endgame overpowered-ness to be more gratifying than starting over from scratch and struggling to get optimized.

I'll only touch NG+ if there is completely new content to explore. Most games only add difficulty and/or one bonus boss fight and call it a day, I don't care for that. Kudos to those that do though.
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User Info: Roins

5 months ago#13

User Info: BiggyDX

5 months ago#14
I think New Game + is a positive thing if it adds substantial gameplay mechanics into the mix. For instance, introducing different story paths, game regions, or items you can obtain, makes New Game + a more worthwhile thing to include in your game. I'm still willing to play games that simply just keeps your stats (sometimes gear) over for the next playthrough, but I can see why someone would want something more substantial.

And yeah, I would agree with the sentiment of one of the people above Dragons Dogma having some good NG+ components. I remember also playing another game called Tales of Vesperia, and that game also seemed to have some unique NG+ mechanics. You could activate certain conditions for your next playthrough by acquiring a hidden credit amount during the course of your first playthrough. This could then be used on the next playthrough to activate or unlock certain features the next time (ex. More/Less XP gains, Unlock all party dialogue, etc).
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User Info: grampamurked

5 months ago#15
I have thousands of hours in the Souls games. 0 on ng+
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User Info: SneakiestNeg

5 months ago#16
Check out trophy stats for the game you're playing right now. How many people reached the end credits? I bet its something like 30%.

Chances of me replaying a game is pretty slim considering all the games that come out every month.

User Info: wizaerd

5 months ago#17
I have never used a New Game Plus, and I really don't see what the big deal about it is. I've seen some games that didn't have it, and people got all irate about it...
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User Info: geodANGER

5 months ago#18
I remember wishing NInja gaiden 2 and the Bioshock games Had new games plus so I could play on harder difficulties with all the upgrades. wasn't about to start all over, so I just played through each once.
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User Info: AltiarLio

5 months ago#19
Borderlands 2 does it the best
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User Info: BlueDsc

5 months ago#20
Depends on how the game goes about it.

I actually really liked how Final Fantasy X-2 did it. Your levels were reset but you got to keep all of the classes you unlocked.
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