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  3. Name five things that get you the most salty when playing video games.

User Info: nihilist212

1 year ago#21
Abrey1985 posted...
1. save points.. This is 2017 why can't I save anywhere... If elder scrolls can do it every game can..
2. Long waiting for downloads /loading why physical is better in every way..
3 any kind of censorship and or sjw agenda.. It irks me to see it but I don't go around b****ing a out it.
4. Dying cause I pushed the wrong button.. Like you been playing one game and then switch games and muscle memory ends up killing you.

Physical is irrelevant. All games play off the console itself, so every game is digital.
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User Info: ThePatrick

1 year ago#22
BoganZ posted...
Insta kills

Oh yeah. These, too
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User Info: peontom

1 year ago#23
Lag deaths
Drivers online without etiquette

User Info: DeadCellScorpio

1 year ago#24
When I play a game on PS4 I get real salty knowing that in 18 days Xbox 1 X is around the corner and I won't have the best looking multiplats anymore.

Should I get an Xbox 1 X?
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User Info: bigtiggie23

1 year ago#25
Sequels that are worse/have cut content from the first game.
Next gen remasters that have bugs the original version didn't have. (Saint's Row 4 plays smoother on PS3 than PS4)
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User Info: gjc2007

1 year ago#26
1. Two gun limits
2. Escort Missions
3. Not being able to take on more than 1 quest at a time from a mission board
4. Allies that I can't control but don't actually contribute to combat
5. Intrusive/Excessive Tutorials and Handholding
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User Info: Chaos1031

1 year ago#27
A couple from Xenoverse 2. Like enemies becoming invulnerable just so the plot/dialogue can play out eventhough the enemy COM will continue to attack you & your allies some of which must survive or else you lose.
Cutscenes that interrupt attacks so they do no damage but still use up your resources for it.

And in general any game where there is a fight or battle that when you lose leads to a "game over, continue, retry" screen, yet when you do win it immediately goes into you losing that battle anyways.
Why make me fight and sometimes struggle to win against some Uber-Super Boss if your just going to have my character lose to this Uber-Super Boss when I actually win.
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User Info: EvilLink-XIII

1 year ago#28
Unskipable cutscenes
Forced tutorial
Games that kicks me out of a mission if I fail it. Just give me the option to retry right there. Don't make me talk to the quest giver again
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

1 year ago#29
Long ass tutorials
Forced walking that lasts more then a few minutes
Stealth sections in non stealth games
Quick time events

Has nothing to do with actual gameplay but the two things that get the saltiest by far are...

Huge downloads
Canadian prices.
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User Info: middays_deep

1 year ago#30
The "Confuse" debuff in RPGs

The fact that every now and then, it rains justwhen I'm thinking of climbing something in BotW.

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