What was your most recent video game death?

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User Info: Oliman

7 months ago#1
In what game was your most recent death, and how did you die?

I got blown up by a laser cannon on the flying level of Mega Man 8 (Mega Man Legacy Collection 2).
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User Info: Estabon1

7 months ago#2
I failed to climb a ladder during a timed segment and got exploded in Parasite Eve.

Been playing old JRPGs lately. Not much death there.
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User Info: RicherThanRich

7 months ago#3
I got 1-hit killed by something in the evil within. Shocker
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User Info: Abrey1985

7 months ago#4
I ran through some fire in hellblade the same fire 2 times in a row before I realized I was going the wrong way
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User Info: Raiden243

7 months ago#5
Accidentally slide into a Nitro box in Crash Bandicoot N sane trilogy in the second game

User Info: RPGNoZero

7 months ago#6
eating a mackarel in NieR Automata
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User Info: boomstickbhg

7 months ago#7
I walked off a ledge in Bloodborne.
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User Info: Ju-Ku

7 months ago#8
Ate a poison apple in Oblivion.

User Info: HazelrahFirefly

7 months ago#9
Dying left and right in For Honor.
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User Info: tombrady3to1

7 months ago#10
Some bulls*** in mario maker i forget
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