What makes a game 'age well' ?

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User Info: DrChocolate

7 months ago#1
It's not the graphics because some games like FF VII and Super Mario 64 are still as fun as they were 20 years ago.

Its not the size of the world because ocarina of time is still more fun than skyward sword

So what makes a game age well or age bad?

Is it new mechanics that may or not feel necessary in new games?

User Info: skermac

7 months ago#2
Replayability for me
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User Info: DrChocolate

7 months ago#3
skermac posted...
Replayability for me

How would replayability make a game age better?

If you play a game in 10 or 20 years from now you may as well start from the begining

User Info: Big_Bawss

7 months ago#4
Art style is one thing. It can take a game that is visually unimpressive purely from a performance standpoint and make it look appealing.

Gameplay that is difficult to improve upon/ahead of its time is another imo. Particularly in regards to how the game controls.

User Info: theshoveller

7 months ago#5
Varies from person to person. For example, for me? A bit of it is graphics - I can't stand FF7's chibi-esque "early-era 3D" graphics. Sprites age better, and some of the later PS1-era graphics age better (i.e. Parasite Eve, FF8, etc.) Another aspect is personal enjoyment of it - while Resident Evil games were fun to play back in the day, they're somewhat hard to play now because of the control schemes and how inaccurate they can be. Technological limitations, I know, but it's still a hurdle that's too tough to cross back over. Sometimes, it's also a mechanics thing - a great RPG like Phantasy Star 4 didn't have oodles of side content, but it also didn't feel much like its main story was "dragging on for too long." It stayed focused and conveyed what it needed to with relatively little extra stuff to make it seem like it needs to be longer than it is.

Just my thoughts on it.
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User Info: Sheepinator

7 months ago#6
It can be graphics because a lot of old NES games or early 3D circa '95-'05 games look really bad now, whereas the 2D SNES games don't.

It's mostly controls, and a little due to the camera, especially if it's 3D.
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User Info: ZemusZeromus

7 months ago#7
Gameplay and presentation.

User Info: darkcloudrepeat

7 months ago#8
Imo it's more to do with the package as a whole.
Story, writing, graphics, art style etc. It depends on the game really.

You can have games that have aged well overall but then you have games that age well in different departments.
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User Info: Leera69

7 months ago#9
its mostly the controls, in most cases. if it plays clunky (most N64 games, like goldeneye for example, did not age well) and it becomes a chore to get used to it, then it didnt age well.

other times it /can/ be the graphics, if the graphics are stylized itll age alot better in terms of something to look at.
Vagrant story is a hell of a lot better than FF7 in terms of graphics. and it shows, however the menus in vagrant story are clunky and take getting used to, it aged well in one aspect, but not the other.

or basically, simplicity. Chrono trigger aged very well because, while it didnt do anything really special, it didnt do much wrong either.

User Info: grasu

7 months ago#10
Not being 3D games on the PS1/Saturn/N64.
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