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User Info: ryandavison

1 year ago#1
Lately I've been getting some weird messages through PSN, they're are from random user accounts who don't have any trophies or nothing, the messages start pretty normal by saying the found your account through the PSN search function, and the gets weird by say he/she does private webcam shows and tries to get you to sign up to a free webcam site that asks for your credit card details, which of course I don't.

I have my main account, a US account and a Japanese account and I've received messages on both my US and Japanese accounts and now I've just received another one on my main account, they're are all basically the same virtually word by word, the only difference being the name of the account

anyone else been getting these
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User Info: BurgerTime79

1 year ago#2
I've been getting the ones that put you and a bunch of other people in the same chat group, and link you to a spam site claiming you can get free PSN gift cards.
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User Info: ryandavison

1 year ago#3
I haven't gotten them ones, but I think this is something Sony might want to look into, I know their is the privacy settings but not everyone wants to use them, like me I don't games messaging whether there on my friends list or not, but this is getting ridiculous, maybe in the next update Sony can add a feature to report accounts using the PS4
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User Info: BreakevenCloud

1 year ago#4
I got a weird message saying something like "Sorry I'm late hon" the other week. Just ignored it and moved on. Thats the only random message I've ever got.
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User Info: captsplatter_1

1 year ago#5
I keep getting pulled into those random message board things.
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User Info: ryandavison

1 year ago#6
this is the third time over 3 different accounts, I've got I more account left, if that account gets the same message I'm going to change my privacy settings so only friends can message me, thankfully I've never had more than 1 message per account, but I barely use my US and Japanese accounts
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User Info: nononoyesyesyes

1 year ago#7
are you still getting notifications?

User Info: Uncle_Drew

1 year ago#8
Same, I got a message saying that they found me by doing a random psn search and that they wanted some one to talk to

After a couple a messages back and forth it seemed pretty stupid so I stopped responding
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User Info: XxFreelancerxX

1 year ago#9
I got one of thoses like 2 days ago, told me they were a 22/f looking to chat through the psn app...i told them to gtfo and reported them as spam.
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User Info: dhampire1

1 year ago#10
A lot of players have been getting random messages from people saying they're girls. No trophies or anything.
It's been happening to thousands for like a month now
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