petition to cancel Far Cry 5. LOL

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User Info: HipHopBeats

8 months ago#151
Kenaue posted...
Snowflakes. Snowflakes everywhere.

Lmao! It's been a long tme since I've purchased a Ubisoft game. Perhaps Far Cry 5 will change that. I'm loving the controversy over something so silly.
Who cares? Just play the game instead of popping a blood vessel over meaningless sh.. - DoMyBest

User Info: mninp

8 months ago#152
Estabon1 posted...
SEA_ posted...
i roll my eyes every time i see the "but the crusades!" argument


@mninp, those were the days!! Why must things change?

I don't know. And nobody even took offense to it. Heck, I remember playing with my friends, we all thought it was cool that you can shoot the Statue of Liberty until she turns into a woman wearing a bra and panties.
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User Info: Kangkoopa713

8 months ago#153
Stand firm ubisoft don't give in to the snowflakes and sjw's

User Info: happychappy654

8 months ago#154
I'm a conservative Christian and I gotta say, calling for censorship in ANY form is just pathetic, dictatorial and hypocritical.

Just because it offends you, that doesn't mean you have a right to censor it. Don't play it, don't watch it. Simple. I have to agree that this time, conservatives are being the snowflakes. Plain and simple.
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User Info: Enclave

8 months ago#155
SonyHoundDawg posted...
The story of this game being controversial is a complete gaming media fabrication.

Posts in this thread and in various other threads including the politics board would suggest it's not a fabrication at all.
The commercial says that Church isn't for perfect people, I guess that's why I'm an atheist.

User Info: KoroshiyaZero

8 months ago#156
I'm actually kinda looking forward to this game. Ultimately it will be like the rest of the series but the American locale should give it a fresh vibe.

I always find it ironic when the hardcore right b**** and complain about something like man-children just as much as the people they hate so much do. Both of the polarized sides are f***ing idiots, meanwhile the rest of us in the middle are out having fun and don't give a s*** if things offend the ivory towers of sociology departments or the "patriots" in their diapers.
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User Info: skermac

8 months ago#158
stupid petition imo, people that don't like it, don't have to buy the game.
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User Info: Boxman108

8 months ago#159
LeadPipeCinche posted...
theshoveller posted...
jeremy58589721 posted...
theshoveller posted...
jeremy58589721 posted...
The villians are Christian's? That sounds amazing!

They're a cult, not Christians. They're like... the "wear all black, buy Reebok's, and kill yourself to ride the spaceship flying behind that comet!" levels of cultism. The fact that a Christian priest is one of the "resistance members" that helps you out is a sign that they're kinda straying outside the tenets of Christianity.

Oh, well I am less excited about the game now.

You're not happy unless you're killing Christians? That's a serious prejudice you have, there. Might want to get that in check.

& yet Christians are some of the biggest killers in history.

Tell us when was the last time you've seen any Christian suicide bombers make any headlines in the Middle East.

User Info: Universquall

8 months ago#160
RainShower posted...
its just white people doing what they do......nothing to see really.

You've been racist for a long time now. Get help
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