Are there any PS4 games u bought solely for the sexy characters?

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  3. Are there any PS4 games u bought solely for the sexy characters?

User Info: ilovesexygirls

10 months ago#1
I bought:
- nier automata for 2b
- dead or alive xtreme 3 for honkers and Marie rose
- toukiden 2 for a sexy custom character
- 2013 Lara Croft for the best Lara Croft (rise of tomb raider Lara Croft looks disgusting)
- overwatch for mercy
- berserk for casca
- fate Extella for Nero
- Gravity Rush for kat
- re6 for Ada
- re1 for Jill sandwich
- Senran kagura for boobs
- attack on titan for Mikasa
-samurai warrior 4 for sexy custom character
- God eater 2 for sexy custom character
- tales of bersy for magilou
- onechanbara for banana split costume
- mgsv for quiet
-Witcher 3 for Jennifer
- transistor for red

User Info: random_man9119

10 months ago#2
I think the Senran Kagura games and Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni are the only games I've bought specifically for Sexy characters
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User Info: BaldursGate

10 months ago#3
Wolfenstein The New Order.
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User Info: darkheath

10 months ago#4
I bought GTAV 'cause of this hottie who sends Trevor some missions:

User Info: MediumRare

10 months ago#5
Nier Automata, 2B for the win! <3

User Info: boomstickbhg

10 months ago#6
People who start a sentence with "PSA", are usually a PoS.

User Info: Captain-Dusk

10 months ago#7
Pirate Lord

User Info: DominiqueT

10 months ago#8
Not really......

User Info: BurgerTime79

10 months ago#9
I don't keep tabs on why the letter u buys stuff. Also don't think u posts on these boards. Plus it's just a letter, and not a physical thinking being capable of buying games.
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User Info: Featuring_Dante

10 months ago#10
Fifa 17 for female teams... so hawt and elegant like actual females who play sports.
Devil Never Cry
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  3. Are there any PS4 games u bought solely for the sexy characters?

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