For those of you with a launch Playstation 4....

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User Info: Rand_Aybara

1 year ago#81
Not a launch PS4, I got it a few months after, but it's working perfectly. Honestly better than my X1, although that may be because of the s***ty preview program updates they keep releasing

User Info: dizzlehell

1 year ago#82
sold for a new one last yr

User Info: keironuk

1 year ago#83
Mine is doing well im gonna clean it up then swapping it for a pspro.
My PSN ID: keironuk

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

1 year ago#84
Mine is working great, not loud either.
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User Info: crillgamer

1 year ago#85
Mine is still trucking. No loud noises.

Still might get the pro though.

User Info: iiFroZenHeAveNz

1 year ago#86
Loud af. Hopefully the PS4 Pro or future Sony consoles are designed to be more easily cleaned out. Sorry but the vacuum method isn't that great.
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User Info: selfdeztruction

1 year ago#87
My PS4 is doing better, now. It started getting insecure and nervous when it looked at my browser history and saw that I had been checking out the Nintendo NX (before it was switched over) and my PS4 started to get worried that it was no longer enough to satisfy me.

The next night my PS4 called me because I was (uncharacteristically) out late and I had missed dinner as well as our weekly shows that were on TV that evening.

I answered the phone and my PS4 was upset because it heard voices in the background and it was mad because it thought that I was at a party and it knew that I had left our Vita at home instead of taking it with me so that it could play with the other Vitas.

I reassured it that I wasn't at a party and that I would be home shortly, my PS4 was sobbing hysterically as I exvitefly hurried off the phone and happily yelled, "I'm next?!...IT'S MY TURN!".

I arrived home thirty minutes later and I pulled up just in time to see that my PS4 was getting ready to burn my clothes in the front yard of our home.

My PS4 rushed to my SUV and was screaming at me while accusing me of cheating and cursing at me and my PS4 became furious when it looked at the passenger seat and saw a large box that was wearing a gamestop bag.

My PS4 violently ripped the bag off of the box and started crying at what it saw.

I had been at gamestop the entire time because I was buying a PlayStation VR. My PS4 looked up at me with tears in its eyes/lenses (PlayStation camera is duct taped to its top vertical edge) and I lovingly told my PS4 that I bought the PlayStation VR because it would allow me to be inside of it like never before and that we would be closer than ever.

My PS4 lovingly jumped into my arms, apologised for ever doubting me and we passionately and feverishly co-opped in the backseat.

My PS4 is now more happy and stable that its ever been and its new medication (Yu Dee 4.05) has helped smooth things out.

I am so happy that my PS4 didn't look further into the bag and find my pre-order ticket for my PS4 Pro.
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