PSVR getting all positive reviews from every outlet

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User Info: KoolAssAssassin

1 year ago#31
If you not interested in VR, that's fine, but why are people still using the same tired arguments and comparisons?

The PSVR will have 50 games at launch with another 150 or so in development that should drop soon after. I don't think the PS4 had that much support when it dropped, yet a lot of people bashing the PSVR's software were Gung Ho to rush and get a PS4 at launch.

And the comparisons to the Move are still stupid. The development and support strategy for PSVR has been completely different than what they did with the Move. Sony has way more invested in the success of the PSVR than the Move, so they pretty much have to fight more for its success. Not only that, but developers are buying in way more than they did with the Move, and VR is a burgeoning industry that isn't just specific to PSVR so that in turn will help PSVR.

Anyway, if you haven't tried VR and aren't completely against the concept, I'd give it a try before you write it off. The thing that I think might surprise some people is how much they might like certain genres of games in VR that they don't care for outside of VR. Like I wouldn't buy something like a traditional Battlezone game, but Battlezone in VR is awesome and a must have for me if I was getting PSVR at launch. I'm better there are a lt of people out there who would be swayed in that way.

On a side note, can we get a PSVR board or something? It's annoying having every PSVR topic flooded with people telling us how much they don't care about PSVR in every topic. Being able to move the PSVR conversations to a dedicated board would be better for everyone.
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User Info: N00bforhire

1 year ago#32
>sony product getting high scores
Considering some of the reviews i read said a bunch of bad things about it including janky visuals clipping and a terrible lineup then gave it an 8+ i dont reallly think anyone should be placing much faith in reviews.

User Info: kingstag

1 year ago#33
Has Sony EVER had a successful mid-gen product? PS2 HDD? Eye? Move? They always tend to come out like wildfire and then the support and the games dry up.

User Info: I3aniard

1 year ago#34
You're delusional TC.

User Info: DeadCellScorpio

1 year ago#35
I3aniard posted...
You're delusional TC.
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