So how do you feel about Sony now?

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User Info: SMT_Masochist

1 year ago#21
Feelings haven't changed. They have the best system to play the games I like. In terms of new hardware, unless my ps4 craps out I'm not really interested in any of the upgrades Sony or MS has shown. I'm more looking forward to what Nin has up their sleeves as a new portable is long overdue and one that is a hybrid may make Nin my primary instead of secondary.

The only real disappointment I have is for GTS. It's the 1st time I've considered owning an MS machine since 360 just for Forza. Common sense kicked in though. Lol
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User Info: Jaime_Benn

1 year ago#22
Iokua posted...
I am and always have been ambivalent towards Sony. I go where the games are, I'm loyal to no console developer or publisher.

This. If I had to be called a fanboy, it would be for a game developer, not console maker.

User Info: Kangkoopa713

1 year ago#23
Mr_Molotove posted...
That's a good way to do things I think. I mean an Xbox one s is sounding pretty good right now.

Why beacause of the 4k blu ray player its still weak compare to the og ps4 and pro wait until more Scorpio info is out then talk also I like to add I own a 2tb xbox s and a 4k tv and my 3rd party games still lookk better on my ps4 the my xbox s

User Info: zado19

1 year ago#24
Mr_Molotove posted...
With all that's happened, PS4 Pro and Slim reveal, that PS plus price increase, now most recently no Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods support coming. I really hope these aren't signs of bigger problems coming. Just an odd little rough patch. I was underwhelmed by the Pro. It seems unnecessary. 4k gaming? When consoles don't even have a steady framerate? I don't know. Times are strange for a console gamer.

same as i always did... they are s***...

im only here for the games, but Sony, and others, bad practices are making it hard to deal with the,
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User Info: LittleYami

1 year ago#25
I like Sony, but really dissappointed in them with this.

User Info: kio87gre

1 year ago#26
I am pretty happy with Sony atm.

I have no 4k TV so the whole PS4 pro isnt for me. There are not going to be games that are exclusive to the pro so I am happy about that. Just because there is a "new" console doesnt mean I have to upgrade.

There are a bunch of games that I am looking forward to for my ps4 and I cant wait for TGS.

I really dont care about the no mods thing. If you wanted to play games and enjoy mod support, PC will always be the best place to game.
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User Info: epicfailtryhard

1 year ago#27
munky47879 posted...
Nothing has changed for me, but watching people here acting like drama queens is amusing.

:: two thumbs up. ::

Spazzocity is the best reason to come here. I will say ms fanboys scream in the most pleasing fashion though. While ps4 still has some strong turnouts in such a realm, ms piglets simply cannot be bested in such a contest.
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User Info: Mellerker38

1 year ago#28
I had enough with Sony and their prices of PS4 games that is cost me $100.00CDN each where I like to buy at least 4 PS4 games per month this whole year owning a PS4 is a bad experience.I love my PS3.

User Info: rjames80

1 year ago#29
I don't have feelings about Sony. They're a company. They exist to make money, not be my best friend. If they have a product that interests me, I buy it. If something they're offering doesn't interest me, I don't buy it. That's all there is to it, really.

User Info: JayGood259Oz

1 year ago#30
Mellerker38 posted...
I had enough with Sony and their prices of PS4 games that is cost me $100.00CDN each where I like to buy at least 4 PS4 games per month this whole year owning a PS4 is a bad experience.I love my PS3.

I typed a post responding to this like an intellectual and refuting every stupid thing you said, but I deleted it, because well. you are just stupid.
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