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User Info: Skyburst

3 years ago#11
I'm going with Mcgregor. KO in the second round. I foresee Mcgregor's slipping a straight right taking Diaz on the chin and Diaz going down like a sack of spuds.

User Info: deadlysin24

3 years ago#12
After buying UFC 200 through PSN, I will never order another ppv through the live event viewer again. Stream crashed 3-4 times during the ppv booting my ps4 out of the app and having to reload. I know it was the app cause I would get a blue screen with an error code that the live event viewer suffered an error.

To make it worse you can not even pause or rewind anything from the event viewer. Ended up getting a refund, and saw on a couple message boards that I wasn't the only one who suffered the app crash throughout the night.

Even read people had issues with the live event viewer for UFC 201 as well. I'd order through another app, live event viewer isn't reliable.
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User Info: SSBR10

3 years ago#13
MMA is a pretty unpredictable sport. I can't say for sure who I think is going to win.
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User Info: snowboarderkid6

3 years ago#14
I'm going with Diaz he is to far into con mans head the fights already over
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User Info: Cod_Da_Five9

3 years ago#15
Cod_Da_Five9 posted...
TboiGreezy posted...
Cod_Da_Five9 posted...
Logical_One posted...
TboiGreezy posted...
Use your computer or YouTube app if you're not sure. It''s cheaper on YouTube for us Canadians at least

It's cheaper on PSN if you have PS+ (in Canada)--$44.99 CAD (no tax on PSN) vs $49.99 CAD (no tax on YouTube). I believe that you need to watch the fight via the Live Events Viewer app which is not available on PC (to my knowledge). However, I would suggest that you get it via YouTube (can be watched via PS consoles, MS consoles, Apple TV, Roku, PC etc...) because you get to keep the event forever whereas renting it via PSN only allows you to watch it for 24 hours (like UFC.tv).

How would I find it via Youtube? is it YouTube Live?
I've never used YT for this kind of stuff before

Just search UFC 202 on Youtube it'll be one of the upcoming events on the official UFC YouTube page for $49.99 CAD

BTW who you got Diaz or McGregor my dude?

Diaz, I like both and don't really care who wins, but if I had to choose it's Diaz for sure.

Don't like both/either*
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User Info: Cod_Da_Five9

3 years ago#16
I ordered through U-Verse, I dont have to pay for it so I win haha
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User Info: Crikey

3 years ago#17

User Info: boomstickbhg

3 years ago#18
Why do any of that, just google a place to stream it for free.
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