What launch titles are YOU getting?

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User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

4 years ago#31
I'll only be getting Killzone on day one, but in the long run I'll get Knack, if I like the PS+ edition of Driveclub I'll upgrade that, Watchdogs, Assassin's Creed 4, and Call of Duty: Ghosts is a maybe.

I'll probably get back into DCUO, I plan on trying out Planetside 2, if there's a disc version of The Witness, I'll probably get that. I might get Lego Marvel Superheroes as well (I love the Lego games).
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User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#32
Assassins Creed Pirates

Maybe Lego Marvel
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User Info: Mead

4 years ago#33
Super motherload.
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User Info: gohoanq

4 years ago#34
All the Free to play games out on day 1 I will get for sure.. though who knows how long they'll take to download with it being a new console and everyone online at the same time lol

Retail I'll be getting Watch Dogs(waiting for reviews though because although I WAS incredibly freakishly excited for it, I feel the more I see the less I am :/) Lego Marvel Superheroes, Need for Speed(3 days later since it releases on the 19th? Maybe? lol) and still need to pay off Call of Duty and Killzone. IF Watch Dogs turns out kinda meh I'll switch that to Knack.
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User Info: FullMetalPanic

4 years ago#35
Watch Dogs
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